The Elite - Kiera Cass

In The Selection, the girls fighting for Prince Maxon’s heart started with thirty-five girls. In this book, it’s only down to six girls called the “Elite”, hence the book title “The Elite.”


I had mixed emotions reading this sequel but the one that stood out was annoyance. Yup. America got on my nerves. Well, Prince Maxon too. Both of them were annoying they almost made me pull my hair out. Almost. But don’t get me wrong, I still liked America, which was given (because I have an unavoidable sense of loyalty to the protagonist in every book I read). Her love and the way she cared for her father, little sister, Marlee, her maids and a few other girls in the competition were genuine and admirable in my opinion. My only problem with her was the way she dealt with her feelings to both Prince Maxon and Aspen. In some way I understood her but I couldn’t help but get annoyed to both of America and Prince Maxon. They were the most annoying couple I’ve ever read, so far.


What I liked about this book was the tasks/challenges given to the girls to prove their worth in becoming the future wife of Prince Maxon. Of course, I rooted for America every time and she never disappoints. She rose to the occasion despite being an underdog and the only girl left in a low caste.


This book was fast-paced, still addicting despite being annoying most of the times. Good thing I had enough patience because if not, I would have given up on this with all the I-need-more-time-to-decide-if-I-love-you that America was trying to pull throughout the book.



#really, I hate love triangle too much


#still loved the book cover though