The Bitter Kingdom - Rae Carson

Just because it took me forever to finish reading this book doesn’t mean I didn’t find it good.  


I have read the second book of this series for almost two years. I was so worried I would lose interest if I would keep stalling reading the last book in the series. So even if I wasn’t in the mood to read it, I decided to just go ahead and get this over with. They say do not force yourself into reading a book if you don’t feel like it, well this is an exception. I was glad that I forced myself even if it took me long because I just read one chapter each day.



Although the experience was a struggle, I actually ended up liking the story of this book. Yes, I had issues with this but at the end of the day I liked how this series ended. I actually felt “that feeling” when you finish a book and you don’t know what to do next. I realized I missed the characters and felt a bit sad because I reached the end but I was also happy because I finished a series (I know you get what I mean right?).



Lots of things happened in this last installment.  A lot of exciting adventures that I haven’t read in other books; wonderful old/new characters I fell in love with; and that romance the main character, Elisa deserved after everything she’s been through.


Overall, I enjoyed this series. It might not be a favorite series of mine but this book introduced me into desert adventures I was never interested reading before but now made me reconsider. Its concept with the god stone was quite unique and as a Christian I liked it.



If you are into books with desert adventures, religious concept, and romance, I recommend this to you.



#I would certainly miss Hector, Elisa, Prince Rosario and Mula/Red


#Looking back at it, I learned a lot about desert survivals through this book. One thing I enjoyed much about reading fiction novels is that I learn things while having fun.