Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

I must admit that the main reason why I’m so eager to read this series is because of its slow-burn romance.  Well, after finishing this book all I could say about the romance is “This is TORTURE!”



This third installment is about the life of the Cassandra sangues after they were rescued to their enslaver called the Controller. Another issue in this book is the human faction called Human First and Last Movement, which the main purpose is to cause war to the Others (shifters, vampire, elementals) so that humans could live freely from them. They always forget that in this world the Others are the superior beings than any other creatures and they are at the top of the food chain so their cause is almost zero to none. Now, Meg, Simon, the Others living in Lakeside Courtyard and a few humans who believe that living alongside with the terra indigene is the only way to have a peaceful life, are going to do their best to avoid a situation where humans have nothing to gain and will only put them at a disadvantage.



Even though it hasn’t been long since I read its previous installment I always miss the characters of this book, especially the Others. They are not actually bad. The fact that they are trying to compromise so that humans and the Others could live peacefully together makes me love them even more even though they see humans as meat.    


Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book a lot. The writing is still excellent. The world building is still amazing. The characters are interesting.  New characters are introduced and a lot of things going on. If the multiple POV’s in the previous book bother me and bore me sometimes, I’m glad to say that it isn’t the case this time. I just hope in “Marked in Flesh” (book 4), that slooooowww burn romance would progress a little, however I’m enjoying reading this series.




#This series’ titles are all kickass (Written in Red, Murder of Crows, Vision in Silver, Marked in Flesh, Etched in Bone-March 2017)