Fangirl - Rowell. Rainbow

This book speaks to me because I could relate to its main character so much. Not that I write fan fiction like Cath (How I wish), but because we have the same personality. I could also relate Wren (Cath’s twin sister) to my best friend because they have the same personality. My best friend and I were like a package deal too back in high school. If my best friend was invited in a party, people would automatically assume that I would go with her (well that was true). Many people told us we looked like twins despite her short hair and mine were long (again just like Cath and Wren). She’s sociable, me? Just enough. She’s aggressive, I’m passive. She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. When she wants something she’ll do everything to get it, I on the other hand, would observe first and analyze the situation, if it’s attainable I would plan something to get it. When we slept over each other’s house, we talked until the dawn about various things and we never ran out of things to talk about. Despite our differences we get along pretty well. Sometimes I wonder how we became best friends because we have opposite personalities. Okay enough about me. 

Now back about this book, Cath has a lot of things to deal with, her school, family, and relationship overwhelms her and writing Simon Snow fan fiction is her escape, she loves it and she’s very good at it. Since I could relate to Cath, getting annoyed with her means getting annoyed with myself too. Wren is the very opposite of Cath but I understand her because I have a best friend that reminds me so much of her but thankfully my best friend never tries to shun me. I like Reagan. She’s such an interesting side character and has an interesting personality too. Although I thought she would turn into a bitch (excuse my language) friend to Cath but no, I actually like how their friendship builds up from being roommates and how they are handling an awkward situation regarding their past/present relationship. I find Levi a very charming guy. He’s so nice with other people but he does something that I still can’t look past despite his efforts to make Cath forgive him. And Arthur, (Cath and Wren’s father) is such a loving father. I feel protective of him just like Cath does. He’s fragile but he’s trying his best not to make his daughters worry about him. He’s supportive to his daughters but when it’s time to take charge as a father he’ll lay his rules and stand his ground. 

Aside from Cath’s story, we’ll also get to experience Simon Snow’s (the book character Cath is obsessed with) story from Cath’s version. It’s just okay with me since they’re short and usually appear at the end of each chapter but I’m more interested in Cath’s story. 

Now thinking about it, I realize it ended nice, though I still wanted more from it. Nevertheless, this is such a nice read. I didn’t give it a perfect rating but I included it in my favorite books because it speaks to me and I really enjoyed reading it. 



Actual rating: 4.25/5 stars

#I never thought I would end up liking this, I didn’t even have any expectations about this book 

#I liked Rainbow’s writing style for this book, of course it’s not going to be my last read of her

#Okay… so a few reviews on GR expressed how much they hated Cath’s personality; well I couldn’t because hating Cath is hating myself too


“Everyone is different so deal with it and don’t judge.” Anonymous