Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

This is the sequel to Written in Red (The Others series), an urban fantasy novel of Anne Bishop that caters any readers (YA, NA, A) as long as you enjoy shifters/paranormal/slow burn romance kind of story. The story of Meg Corbyn, a blood prophet (Cassandra sangue), living among the terra indigene (shifters, vampires, elementals). The adventure continues as Meg, Simon and the rest of Others in the Lakeside Courtyard pursue the “Controller”, who enslaves other blood prophets and tries to reclaim Meg for his selfish reasons. Violence against the Others happens to nearby cities. The appearance of two drugs that causes more conflict between humans and the Others. The good relationship between the Others of the Lakeside Courtyard and the humans living there is being threatened by the violence happening around them. To be able to avoid that, the Others and the humans should work together in solving their problems that could destroy them all.    


After reading just three chapters, I put this one off for a while to make way to a book that I found more interesting that time. But whenever I check my goodreads page this book taunted me for some reason so I decided to push myself into reading this. And I must admit that that was a very good decision.


This book managed to capture me again and reminded me how much I loved the first book. This book has gore, cruelty, and slow burn romance that frustrates me but I don’t care because I loved it. Some chapters bored me because I just wanted to read more about Meg and Simon so I just breezed through them. Also I can’t help but cringe sometimes because the Other’s treated Meg in a way that was too especial for my taste. I missed loads of lovable characters from this book and Meg is starting to grow on me in this sequel too.


I’m dying to read the next book. I’m so anxious to read more about Meg and Simon. Their budding romance is killing me. And now that a particular conflict was solved, I wonder what would be next to these wonderful characters.  


#The fact that I was able to enjoy this book right after reading Harry Potter says something right?


#Usually after reading an exceptional book, the next book dulls in comparison. But this? Nope.



#Simon, Simon, Simon…..*sigh*