The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

The story is just okay.


Typical Rich boy/Poor girl/Love triangle plot.



This is just my second book of Kasie West and I must say that I’ll be reading more of her books. I just like reading her books especially after reading a fantasy because her books are light and they induce good vibes.



The cute book cover was one of the two reasons why I decided to read this book. The porcelain doll store was the other reason; I thought it had a tad of creepiness but nada because this was YA romance.


Caymen’s sarcasm was interesting. So far I think she’s the most sarcastic female character I’ve ever read so I couldn’t connect with her because we have different personality. Then I wanted to berate myself for liking Xander, I mean he was a typical rich boy in YA, nothing new, not so unique but despite those, I liked him.  


My only concern was that this book had good build-up of conflicts. In my opinion, it should’ve been better if the author took advantage of those conflicts.  To me it felt as if the story was rushed to the near ending, all those conflicts was solved suddenly.



I recommend this book to those who haven’t read much about rich boy/poor girl plot because this story might work for you.



#This might be my shortest book review ever because really I didn’t have much to say


#But I still like Kasie West’s writing style