Beastly - Alex Flinn

I think the very reason that this book worked for me was that, I haven’t read a lot of books about Beauty and the Beast. This book isn’t really exceptional, maybe back 2007 when it was published yes, but now a day I think not. Despite that I still enjoyed this book.


I liked the author’s writing. She was able to evoke emotions from me with her characters. Kyle, the main character really annoyed me. He was “perfect”, arrogant, and thought highly of himself; although behind these he was lonely and had a lot of wrong perceptions in life courtesy of his jerk of a father. As Adrian (Kyle in the beast form), he was able to make me sympathize for him. Being a beast helped him to realize a lot of aspects in life such as real beauty, true friendship, and love. Of course, I’m one of those people who favor Adrian (the beast) more than Kyle (the “perfect”). Duh.


Other scenes were just alright, some I already read from other books before. There were a few characters I liked (Linda, Will, Magda/Kendra) and some characters I hated (whose names I’m not going to mention because obviously I hate them).  


This book showcased that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. What is physical beauty if inside you are considered ugly? Then people around you only socialize with you because of your good looks or because you are beneficial to them. Would you rather have a pretty face and lots of money than have real people around you and love you for whom you are? You will find all these in this book. Cliché right? But still sensible and really worked for me.


Fairy tale lovers, Beauty and the Beast enthusiast, inner beauty advocates, and anyone who just wanted to read a feel good book with a HEA ending (oops), read this!



#”Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the hearts.” Steven Aitchison


#If you haven’t read a lot of books about Beauty and the Beast retelling, well this could be a good start


#the movie’s version of “beast” was different from the beast described in the book



#the book is better than the movie IMO