A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay

My heart is aching.


So before I get emotional here, I just wanted to say that I didn’t expect this book to have such an effect on me. I thought this was just a children’s book. From the title alone, I wound not pick this up, but after watching the movie trailer (by chance), I decided to read it immediately.  


This book grabbed me instantly. From that first sentence (which I loved and reminded me of the opening line of The Night Circus, which I also loved) to the very last line in of this book was wonderful.    


Conor was such a strong boy. He dealt with a lot of things as a young boy (mother, father, grandmother, friends, classmates, and teachers).  It hurts me to witness his mental battle. Every emotion he felt, the hurt, the denial, and the guilt, I felt them too. Patrick Ness wrote Conor’s emotions spot on.


I got so emotionally invested with Conor and the story. There came a point where I hoped for a miracle to happen for his mother, even though at the back of my mind I knew what was coming.  


Another thing that I loved about this book was the Monster’s stories. Stories that were sensible and with lessons. 


That ending was perfect in my opinion, though I really wanted more. The very essence of this book for me, especially that ending, was Conor’s acceptance of the situation.


In life, what Connor experienced in the story is something every one of us would definitely face at some time. So when that happens, we should take a page from Connor’s book and that is “Even though you’re afraid of something, and it’s terrible, and it hurts like hell, remember you’ll get through it. You’ll survive.” (We won’t need to call a monster to make it through :)  


This book was so relatable; I couldn’t imagine a person who wouldn’t be moved by its story. I definitely recommend this to everyone.



# SIOBHAN DOWD (Conception), PATRICK NESS (Author), JIM KAY (Illustrator) 


#This book’s movie adaptation trailer is freaking awesome


#The first time I watched the trailer, I was like “This is awesome. Interesting!”


#The second time I watched the trailer (after reading the book), I was like “Wonderful! Please don’t mess this up”*teary-eyed*


#Liam Neeson’s voice sounds perfect as the monster


#I’m excited for the movie