The Wall of Winnipeg and Me - Mariana Zapata

This was just my 2nd book of Mariana Zapata and I loved it as much as Kulti.


So, this book follows the story of Vanessa, the assistant/house keeper of Aiden, a famous NFO athlete. She wanted to pursue her own dream and staying in her job would not make that happen so she decided to quit. She and Aiden didn’t really have a close relationship. Their relationship were merely boss and assistant, though Aiden wasn’t really a terrible boss, they were not also friends. Aiden almost didn’t talk to her unless necessary but they were able to get through so when Vanessa quit, she was shocked that Aiden showed at her door wanting her to come back. Vanessa was resolute in her decision not to come back but Aiden was a man who was used to get want he wanted then he was asking for something that only Vanessa could help him.      


I was hooked from the first few lines. I didn’t know what was it about Ms. Zapata’s writing that drew me with just the first few lines but she did it again in this book just like in Kulti. Her writing was filled with humor but with a lot of sense that would make you keep on reading and just enjoy the story.  


I loved the two main characters. I could relate to Vanessa with her predicament in her job. Her personality, attitude and determination were inspiring. Her internal dialogs had me cracked up a lot of times. She was just downright lovely.


And of course Aiden; though he was not my type of guy (huge guys aren’t my type coz they intimidate me) he won me over along the story. He annoyed me at first but after I got to know him better I realized that he was actually a wonderful guy and a dedicated athlete. He possessed a lot of admirable personalities and he was such a sweet guy. I could actually see the appeal of falling for a big guy if they’re like Aiden.  


There were 2 (two) reasons why I didn’t give it a perfect rating, 1.) Some scenes were predictable and 2.) I effing accidentally read a spoiler (a very important one, like a plot twist) that ruined the experience for me. I know it wasn’t the book’s fault but I f***ed up.


The epilogue was just one of my favorite scenes among many others, I could only wish for it not to end. I could definitely say that Zapata is one of my favorite adult romance authors at the moment because of her likable/relatable heroines, swoon worthy alpha heroes and wonderful/humorous writing style.    


So if you like sports, sloooooow burn romance, hilarious-awesome-heroine and huge-swoon-worthy-hero, try this book and I’ll bet you’ll like this.


# special mention to Zac, he was such a wonderful guy and friend to Vanessa


#leo the retriever too




#i actually watched The Land Before Time because of this




# I could’ve given this book 4.5 star just like my rating with Kulti despite that spoiler but in the end I settled for 4.25 stars