Written in Red - Anne Bishop

I’ve been meaning to read this book for months. And by the time I decided that it was finally time to read it, I wasn’t really in the mood. I couldn’t understand the world the author was trying to introduce and that felt torture. So after reading the first few paragraphs and not feeling it, I stopped reading for a few days. So it took me 15 days to mark it finished on Goodreads and that caused me to be behind my reading challenge (which doesn’t feel good coz now I have to double time to get back on track).

I didn’t blame the author’s writing for that momentary reading slump, because it was actually me. What’s important was that, I tried reading it again and I ended up liking it, I mean really liked it.

So I will breakdown my review into categories.

THE CHARACTERS. There were tons of side characters in this book and it took me a few pages just to get familiar with each of them.

Meg =Though I couldn’t really relate to Meg as a heroine, I enjoyed witnessing her adventures at the Courtyard. She was one lucky girl because the Others treated her just like one of them. Her innocence was one of the reasons why the Others took a liking to her. But as blood prophet/ Cassandra sangue her life wasn’t easy and that made her an interest to bad people who wanted to control her and make profits from her skill or curse.

Simon = As a leader of the Courtyard, he exuded authority. He could be mean and heartless but of course he was no human. But despite all that, I liked him. Especially later on the story, when he was starting to have compassion with humans. I realized that the Others were not bad at all. They had reasons why they acted and did things humans thought were dreadful. They only act according to their nature.

I enjoyed tons of characters in this book so much, especially the Others (The Wolfgards, Sanguinatis, Elementals, Crowgards, Hawkgards, Owlgards, the Grizzly, Coyote and Tess). They were too much for me in the beginning but my loved for them helped me memorized each of those interesting characters.

THE PLOT. I love unique plots, so this book is a thumb up for me. The slow built up of the story worked for me and the climax was wonderfully laid out. I couldn’t tell what will happen and I loved its unpredictability.

THE WORLD BUILDING. This book has a high level of world building. Its world building was so rich and full. I marveled at how Ms. Bishop was able to construct this kind of world. Everything was well-planned, from the geography, maps of the courtyard, days of the week and pronunciation guide. No wonder why Ms. Bishop was an award winning fantasy writer.

THE ROMANCE. I loved that the romance wasn’t the center of the story and actually it was almost non-existent but the chemistry was there, I could feel it. I just wonder how that could be possible since they were two different creatures. But this is fantasy/fiction so everything could happen.

THE POV. Told in multiple/different POV’s and written in third person in past tense. It actually worked for me. Limiting the POV into one or two wasn’t going to be effective since there were tons of characters involved. Well, other readers might have a problem with that for they might think other POV’s (not the two MC’s POV) were not necessary but the author just gave us glimpses of why they acted the way they acted in the story.

THE WRITING. Though the first few paragraphs were like torture for me (as I said in the beginning of this review) maybe the dialogues being not that many in the beginning added up to that reason but the moment the story kicked in (the very moment Meg walked into Howling Good Reads), I was a goner. Back were those nights that 3-4 hours of sleep were a luxury for me. Yeah, I finished reading this book for two days (reading on break times at work and from the moment I got home until dawn). I liked how the story was presented, slow at first then action packed in the climactic stage.

BOOK COVER /Title connection to the story. I’m not really a fan of the cover. For me, it’s just OK. But the title was badass. I think it suits the story.

Overall, this book is perfect for anyone who is into good world building fantasy novels (young adult/new adult/adult readers). Definitely a must read!

#The wolves are playful being despite of being scary for their reputation

#Just when I thought that The Night Circus got tons of characters, the Others series got tons and tons and tons……

#Glad I finished this

#”Murder of Crows” you’re next soon…but the title suggests a bad omen…oh no!