End of Days - Susan Ee

I didn’t want to read this last installment of the “Penryn and the End of Days” Trilogy. For I didn’t want to say good bye to the characters that I’ve gotten attach and loved for some reason. But lately, I felt that I was starting to lose that attachment and I got worried that I would also lose interest in this series which shouldn’t happen because I really loved this series.


So I decided to get this over with and just deal with it. And I was not disappointed.


I remembered the reasons why I’ve loved these amazing characters back then, though I admit that the first few pages was painful for me. Painful in the sense that the interest in reading it wasn’t there, and I couldn’t connect with the story, but thank god because I didn’t give up and I kept on reading.


I still loved Penryn, though there were a few instances that I wanted to hurt her (yeah, like hit her on the head) for acting immature or childish but of course she was still young so what do I expect. And she’s human and she had flaws so I kind of think that that was just realistic and I reminded myself that she wasn’t a superhero (super heroine?) therefore she would act stupid sometimes, well who doesn’t, everyone of us act stupid sometimes. Then Raffe’s swoon factor was on its highest on this book but of course their forbidden romance was in the way of their happiness. Cliché but still cute.


The side characters like Paige, their mother, Dee & Dum, with the addition of the Fallen (angels) were exciting and gave depth to the story. Obi and Beliel’s stories saddened and elicited pity from me. Then I missed Pokey Bear scenes because I really like her or it? Whatever.


A lot of things happened in this book. But I didn’t feel as if it was rushed and the plot was full of interesting scenes.      


The romance, which was still my favorite, was more intense. The plot was deeper and it kept me guessing of what might happen. Some scenes were vicious and disturbing. The ending for me felt like ended so sudden but surprisingly I felt at peace. Maybe because I finally got to finish the series or maybe because it ended just like that, it made me feel as if there was going to be one more book to come (hopefully).


Anyway, this might be my favorite apocalyptic-angel-human-romance to date.

A must read! duh  


#it really feels good to finish a series


#”Angelfall” was still my favorite among the trilogy though “World After” and “End of Days” were both awesome


#the book covers of the entire trilogy were stunning