Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma

There are two main reasons why I didn’t want to read this book in the first place.


Firstly, I’m a Christian, and this kind of romance is against my belief.


Secondly, I have an older brother, in fact I have 3 brothers (1 older and 2 younger), and I don’t want this book to taint my state of mind regarding my relationship with my brothers.


On the contrary, there are also two reasons why I decided to read this book eventually.


Firstly, this kind of romance happens in real life. I wanted to have a glimpse of idea of what could be the reason why this happens.


Secondly, my curiosity got the best of me. 


Suggestion: Do not read this at work or at school or in any public places. Just don’t.




1.       Because there’s an 80-90% probability that you would shed a tear/cry/ugly sob by reading this book; then


2.       People around you would wonder what the hell is wrong with you when you get emotional so they would ask you “Why?” or “Are you okay?” then you would be hesitant to tell them the reason is because “I’m crying because of this book about a brother and a sister who fell in love with each other….blah blah blah”...... and they wouldn’t understand you because they’re not booklovers, and booklovers only understand their own kind, so they might judge you for what you’re reading, so you might not tell them the reason and for that they would think you’re some kind of crazy for not being able to explain them why you’re emotional about this book…..then blah blah blah......


 So to avoid all the hassle, read this book at a place where you are comfortable sobbing with, whether it be your bedroom, study room or at any place as long as you feel at peace and not susceptible by the judging public eye.


I know this because I read this while at work though I didn’t shed a tear or sob or cry, but I was like utter useless for a while and I couldn’t think straight and focus on my work. 


This book also made me furious not for the two main characters but to their parents. I believe that their irresponsible parents had a lot to do why they ended up being in love with each other. I think they were given a responsibility not suitable for just teenagers. They should be enjoying their teenage life not acting like parents who are responsible to their siblings’ every need.  


 I am not justifying that what Lochan and Maya did was okay. No. Actually I sympathize with them for they were victims. What they did was wrong in the eyes of every one (law, society, community and most importantly in the eyes of God.)


 But this book was beautifully written. I marvel at how the author was able to make many people love the two MC despite their forbidden relationship. She made us understand and look at them with fair judgment and not just reproach them for what they did.


 Honestly, I like Lochan for I see myself through him. We have a lot in common. One is I used to be like him, in a way that I wasn’t really friendly with others and I was too shy in class. Recitation was not my favorite. Reporting in front of the class was dreadful for me. But despite all that I was able to overcome that fear or phobia (whatever you call that feeling) during my college days, though I’m still experiencing this feeling until now but what’s important is that I know I could beat this fear with the support from my family, friends and most importantly with God.


 This book taught me things to consider such as:


1.       It taught me to be responsible when I become a parent someday. I should take care of my children.


2.       I should be attentive to consider if there’s something (esp romantically) going on when I have a son and a daughter.


3.       Open communication. Talk to your children and be open-minded. As a parent (if ever), I should be the first person to understand or provide guidance to my children when they are facing any problems (esp romantic relationship) and to not desert them when the troubles are inevitable.


My advice to all siblings (brother and sister) out there:


1.       Do not fantasize romantically any of your siblings, ever.


2.       It is fine to have a close relationship with your sibling/s but a romantic relationship is a recipe of doom.


3.       Learn to draw the line. Set limitations to the closeness with your sibling/s.

This book left me in disarray. I couldn’t finish this review because there were a lot of things that I wanted to say about this book (well obviously it’s done because you’re reading it now, but it took me weeks to finally post this). I couldn’t write another book review. I was way behind my own goal in writing book reviews. This book destroyed me and my recovery was so slow. But time healed me and I’m starting to get back on track slowly.


This book is beautiful, taboo, tragic and with no happy ending so be warned. But I’m evil enough to recommend this book to all of you readers out there. Try this!


#my heart aches for them


#dang! my dark/taboo reads were so few I could count them with my fingers (on one hand)


#now I’m curious about taboo books out there


#do you know some books that have dark or taboo topics? Feel free to suggest.


#A shout-out to Lainey of gingerreads. She was the reason I discovered this book.