Offside - Shay Savage


Hey 3.5 star rating is not that bad.


“ 3.5 star” in my rating means “IT’S GOOD/ I ENJOYED IT”


The very reason why I decided to read this book was because I really enjoyed “Kulti” by Mariana Zapata. It’s a book about soccer and I love how the author wrote it.  Sadly, I didn’t love this as much as “Kulti”. Despite that, I still enjoyed this book. So I’m going to breakdown the things that I liked and didn’t like much from this book.


I like:


It’s a male POV. It’s very seldom for me to encounter a book with a male narrator by a female author. I mean, of course I read some but an entire book with a male narrator from a female author? Not much.


  • It’s a sport/soccer story. I haven’t read much about this sort of story.
  • The male character has a soft heart. I mean, he easily forgives his father/s (yeah I’m not going to explain because I don’t want to spoil). He has positive traits in him despite some (bad) circumstances. He’s not really that bad deep inside.
  • Greg Skye (Nicole’s father). I like his personality. I found him to be a “cool dad”.
  • I like how it ends in every chapter with questions and references from famous people/poets/writers.
  • The ending. I think the ending is cute.



  • His abusive father and almost everything about him and what he did.
  • The opening scene.
  • I’m getting sick of reading rich/bad boy/play boy/man whore character suddenly turning into a one woman guy. Maybe it’s just me but that’s how I feel about this.
  • The flirt group of girls who let guys treats them like sluts because they act like one.
  • A bit too much of drama for my liking.  


Well, I enjoyed this one, really, but there’s something about it (maybe the “dramas”) that bothers me. I read positive and great reviews regarding this book and its author, so I would definitely read another book from this author.  


If you are into books with sports, romance and drama this book is for you.


 #Nice book cover by the way


#I really like the quotes though I must admit I don’t know much about Shakespeare…sorry



#One of the advantages of reading books about sports is that I’m learning a lot about soccer in a fun way