Kulti - Mariana Zapata

How about that? Huh. Nice synopsis right?

I first saw this from another blogger’s book recommendation being one of the favorites of 2015. So I got curious.

My first impression based from the title was: Kulti…What’s that?….”Cult?”…horror…suspense???
So I read the synopsis, and then learned that it was about soccer. I’ve never read anything like it so I gave it a try.

And I don’t regret it.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

Let’s get to the details.

The Characters/Character Development. I really like Sal. I could relate to her in many ways. She’s such a wonderful character. She’s strong, determined, competitive, bubbly, and a lot more. I like her perspective in life. Sal is special to me because (I think, as far as I could remember) she’s the first heroine I’d ever read who is an athlete. Then came Reiner “Rey” Kulti. At first I didn’t really get him. He was mysterious and annoying but later on he grew on me. I swoon for him, gee athletes could easily make me fall for them, with their confidence, manliness, strength, body to lust for…okay I need to stop..really, really need to stop before this list goes too far from being modest. I also loved Sal’s family, especially her dad because he was so cool, supportive and hilarious as well, then Marc, Coach Gardner, Jenny, and Harlow were cool characters too.

The Plot. Sal and I have something in common, that is back on my teenage years most of my crushes were athletes, professional athletes, that means I only got to see them on tv but for me I’m in love with them and I usually daydream that one day I get to meet one of them and then he would fall in love with me and we would end up together, happily ever after. Yeah. This was the main reason why I decided to read this book, because I could really relate to the main character.

The Romance. It was a surreal romance, for Sal and Kulti were out of league plus their age difference but despite all of that I don’t mind. From non-existent to coach-player relationship to almost enemies to best friends then lovers, the slow built of their romance is abso-freaking-lutely beautiful, thus my favorite about this book.

The Book Cover. At first look it was “okay” with me but after reading the book it grew on me. Though not my favorite cover but still it’s neat and classy.

The POV/Voice/Perspective. Written in Sal’s POV (first person past tense), her narration was hilarious most of the time. I really had fun reading her perspective. I didn’t find her annoying and she had me cracked up a lot of times. I usually agree with her. She has a wonderful personality and I love her character so much.

The Writing. It got me from the very first line, I was wishing for more pages than it had, which was rare because I usually get intimated by books with many pages (400+ pages books were long for me), but this book was an exception because I don’t want to finish reading it. I liked how Ms. Zapata opens each chapter. Though the mentioning of a few words such as the color of Kulti’s eyes, “Big Girl Socks”, and “German”, a lot of times bothered me a bit, but other than that everything’s okay with me.

The ending was perfect but I can’t help to wish for more. I’m happy for them but I want more of Sal and Kulti!!! ***Sigh***

Sports lovers, romance suckers, daydreamers, or whatever, READ THIS!

#Haha I’m re-reading this book right after finishing it and it still makes me crack up

#Those steamy scenes about 10% before the ending made me jgksgkfkhkshdthgkshkhgfhsk

#Really I’m blushing … *wink*