Gone (Wake Trilogy Series #3) - Lisa McMann

The synopsis says it all. All the things that you are going to find out in this last installment are pretty much summed up to that statement.


The whole experience of reading this book for me was so depressing. I now understand why other reviews/reviewers suggested that if you happen to read “Fade” and love that book, and if you wanted to keep good memories of the Dream Catcher series, you should stop and not continue reading/finishing this series. But if you wanted the closure just like my very purpose in deciding to read this despite of the warnings from other reviewers, go on and read “Gone”.


I admired the author’s courage in writing this book. Everything was very realistic for me. It was so depressing that while reading it I was wishing for some miracle to happen because I got invested with the main characters, I felt protective and I don’t want them to get hurt.


In this final book, Janie is facing a lot of pressure from being a dream catcher and from living her normal life with her alcoholic mother. Thank goodness for Cabel being supportive to her. I understand Janie’s confusion on what to do and her depression for her future. She was presented with two choices but both choices were neither ideal nor beneficial. She was helpless but still she tried to do what she thought would be a good thing to do despite the circumstances. It sucks to be her and I sympathized with her in her ordeal. In the end, she made a decent decision in my opinion, though I couldn’t agree 100% to some, but what’s important was that she tried to live, enjoy and appreciate the moment and just let the future tell what to become of her.   


All in all my whole experience was a great one. This series is something that would leave its mark into my heart for it is one of a kind and wonderful.


#I could never give this book a rating lower than four for maybe a bias reason


#Gee that cover! I love it tho’ it’s haunting


#Sad but realistic


#Carpe Diem