Wake (Dream Catcher #1) by Lisa McMann

The Wake Trilogy: Wake; Fade; Gone - Lisa McMann

It wasn’t in my plan to read this series on the first place. I already have a long list of TBR pile. All popular books compared to this book/series that I’ve never heard of. No thanks. BUT, it happened. The moment I read the words “Dream Catcher” (which is the title of the series) my first impression was this:


So I got curious, then I started reading the first line without reading the blurb. I didn’t really have any idea what this book/series was about. I didn’t know what to expect or who the main character was, I just started it.


Translation: (In this book)


Dream Catcher= a person with the ability to witness/be into other peoples’ dream. They get sucked into someone’s dream, in any place and in any time, as long as somebody’s sleeping near the catcher’s surroundings. Then when the catcher wakes up from the dream they would be in a state of paralysis (body slumps, hands/fingers numb) and sights loses and would return after some time.


Interesting right? So, this book is about 17 year-old Janie Hannagan, who gets sucked into someone else’s dream thus a “dream catcher”. It’s written in third person present tense. The story is set in Michigan. And it is fast-paced and not that long.  


Now let’s dissect this book in details/category. Shall we?


The Book Cover. Wow! I love the cover very much. The message of the quote on the top, the bed (I suppose) with the pillow being highlighted, the title in bold and its simple font, the color being used, everything is stunning. It’s simple, haunting, a little bit creepy, but all in all just perfect.


The Plot. I love reading books with unique plots. And this book is one of a kind. I found the idea behind the “dream catcher” genius. Somehow during reading this book, I wish that I could also be a dream catcher but the complications of being such changed my mind. Genius but a little cruel.


The World Building. Very realistic. I like how the author created this kind of possibility of dream catchers living around us that we are not aware of. I could almost believe that maybe there are really dream catchers here on earth.  


The Characters/Character Development. Janie as a heroine is okay for me, though sometimes I couldn’t really connect with her for some reasons. She’s independent, aloof (mainly because of her ability), but determined to strive in her life. I just simply witnessed her unfold in the whole book but I appreciate her as a heroine. Cabel, I like his character, he also has issues, I understand his reactions to some situations, his sweetness made me swoon for him a few times, he’s not perfect but I love him together with Janie. Carrie, Stu, Miss Stubin, and Captain Komisky were fine. The rest of the characters, well, I don’t really mind…haha…


The Romance. I love how the romance unfolds. They were realistic and not forced. Just cuteness overload.


The Writing. The way the author presented this book in like time table, was also new to me. At first I got confused because I couldn’t keep up with the dates. There were times that I needed to go back to the previous pages just to see if I’m on the correct time line, because in the beginning there were flashbacks from the heroine’s younger years but that was only a tad of my concern.


Over all, this book surprised me; actually I hate surprises, but I could tolerate this kind of surprise. I could put it in the same category as The Mara Dyer Trilogy. Fans of mysteries, paranormal, with the right amount of romance, would love this book. So go read this!


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