World After

World After - Susan Ee

You did it again Ms. Ee…. Bravo!!!


To be honest it took me a few pages (again) to get into the whole story but..but..but..after that, I was spell bounded. I read this in less than 24 hours. Thank god I decided to read this sequel on a holiday, so I just spent my whole day curled up or lying on my bed absolutely being useless then bam! I was done reading it. This only happens when I’m really engrossed and really into the book that I’m reading, because I’m not a fast reader I usually finish reading a book in 2-3 days, well it also helped that this book wasn’t really long but anyway I’m just happy with the whole experience I had reading this book.


This sequel picked up where the Angel Fall left off, still set in San Francisco, California and still written in Penryn’s POV, this book has more narration and less dialogue, so if you’re not into that, I should warn you, you might get bored, but not me, well maybe during the first few pages but later on I got to enjoy every word of it, so if you happen to feel bored in the beginning don’t give up because the good stuff would come later on the story. Trust me on this.


The Romance. Ahhh! It was tastefully done. The two main characters have the chemistry and excitement going on between them. Though in a big part of the book Penryn and Raffe weren’t together, I enjoyed reading that part where it was almost written in Raffe’s perspective but in third person narration very much (I wouldn’t explain that further, just read the book to understand what I’m talking about).


So my second favorite about this book aside from the romance is Pokey Bear. Though Pokey Bear’s part was only until half of the story (and then some in the near ending), I enjoyed every part of it. Her scenes had me laughing, I really liked that the author created her in this book/series because I think it was rare reading a book with a “character” such as Pokey Bear in YA. (I don’t know, it’s just my opinion, correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was my first time encountering a “character” in a book like Pokey Bear.)


I still love Dee-Dum. They’re always at the right place at the right time. Their presence, though short and few, were always interesting, most of the times hilarious but very significant, especially in Penryn’s interest.


Another thing that makes this series interesting is Penryn’s family. Having a crazy mother who is (always) weird, dangerous but sometimes useful in her own kind of way and an “extraordinary” sister, which I’m not going to explain how, so you better read this series for you to know; Penryn’s family is some kind of unique and extraordinary and they still manage to hang on with each other despite of everything they’ve been through living in the “World After”, and hopefully until the end of this series***cross fingers***.


This book is more intense, more vicious and atrocious than the first book in my opinion.  And so far, I love Ms. Ee’s writing style. I really liked her opening and ending lines. There’s a huge possibility for her to become my second favorite author, aside from Victoria “V.E.” Schwab (my top one, because why not her writing is perfect IMO). If I would still feel the awe I’m feeling right now after I read the last installment the “End of Days”, then she would earn that spot. Seriously.


So the reason why I gave this book a half star shy of a perfect rating was that despite of loving this sequel very much, I was just blown away and very much surprised with the first book, but a 4.5 star rating wasn’t that bad right? Still, this book is a perfect sequel in the series IMO and I couldn’t ask for more. Worth a read. Read this! Read THIS!! READ THIS!!!


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