The Crown of Embers - Rae Carson

 First of all, I love the book cover (the one with the jewel/Godstone in the middle). In fact, I love all the book covers of this series honestly. Though I kind of wanted to give up when it comes to the relevance of the title to the story because again I couldn’t quite get it.


Still written in Elisa’s perspective, this sequel was full of adventures. From the original setting, which was the Joya d’ Arena (the kingdom in the desert now being ruled by Elisa), to Aracely (the ship) in their journey to get to Zafira,  where Elisa needed to be in relation to her being the bearer of the Godstone because she needed to fulfill whatever her purpose was.


In this sequel, we get to meet new characters too, such as Storm (an Invierno), Captain Felix (Hector’s older brother), and Franco (a new villain/Invierno). We also get to witness their adventure beyond the desert. I liked the idea that the author explored another setting for this book. This book had non-stop action and I loved a few scenes here. Moreover, the way the author described the places was beautiful. Especially the Zafira, I could picture it in my head clearly. Then the slow romantic build up was a bit torture for me but nevertheless still beautiful and realistic IMO. All in all, its story was magical, religious, full of adventure, and a wonderful romance.  


I love Hector and of course Elisa. But Hector, (OMGEE) ***swoon****adfsfkdfslytksbfhslhfljsdlhgsldtlh. I can’t form any coherent words to describe how much I love him. Yup, I.LOVE.HIM.  He’s officially one of my “Book Boyfriends”. Because why not? I want a Hector for myself.  


 Meanwhile, Elisa’s character developed to a positive degree in my opinion. I really liked her decision making as a Queen and the ruler of Joya D’ Arena. Now at 17, she stood up and took charge of a kingdom that just went through a war successfully and still at the state of recovering from the damages it caused. She also learned more about her power/skill being the bearer of Godstone.


 Of course I still like the very adorable Rosario though I would like to read more about him. Mara, hmm, the naughty one, was likeable to, her presence and guidance to Elisa were a big help for her. I kinda like that Belen redeemed his self here; I just hope that he would really keep his loyalty to Elisa.


If you liked/loved the first book, you would definitely love this sequel, for sure. I would start the third and last installment of this book soon but I’d rest again for a while even though I could read it whenever I wanted, it’s just I’m not ready to say good bye to Elisa and Hector yet.  I just hope that “The Bitter Kingdom” would not be as bitter as the title suggested. OMG, please no!


#I loved Hector!


#I loved Elisa and Hector!


#I loved Elisa’s decision in regards to Storm while they were in Zafira and on Hector in the end.


#Ok I’ll stop the spoilers


#Just read the book….Okay?!…xoxo