Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover

It hurts. This book successfully cuts into my heart. I suffered (again) from depression for about a week because of the “feels” I felt by reading this book. Do you know the feeling of being deeply hurt and you wanted to cry just to ease the pain you’re feeling inside but, but, but for some reason you couldn’t make yourself to do so?

This was just the second book of CoHo that I have read, and this was enough for me to officially declare that CoHo is the “Queen of the feels” in the world of writing. I wasn’t ready to read another CoHo’s book for now. I tried reading “Hopeless”. I started a few paragraphs but stopped because the feeling was too much for me to handle at that moment. Until now, I think I’m still not ready, so I wouldn’t push myself to read another one yet. Maybe someday? But not in the near future.

At first, I didn’t really understand why the title was “Ugly Love” because for me love is beautiful but hurts like sh**. By reading Miles’ story, honestly, I don’t think that the love he experienced was ugly at all, it was just “ a love that’s not meant to be”. But I admit, what he’d been through hurts like hell.

The story was told by Tate and Miles’ alternating POV, with flashbacks of Miles’ past that explained how he came up with these two rules: 1. Never ask about the past. 2. Don’t expect a future. So, how did this two characters deal with these rules? Read the book for you to find out.

What I really liked about this book was the characters: Tate, Miles, Corbin, Tate’s family, Cap, and even Rachel, were all likable for me. Of course they have issues, they’re not perfect, but I liked them.

The “love scenes” were of course undoubtedly really sexy and matured. There were a lot of those in this book but I’m not complaining.

I was floored when I found out that they are going to make a movie adaptation of this book. I’d seen the trailer and if you haven’t read the book yet, you would think that this book was something like “Fifty Shades of Grey” based on that trailer, though both male protagonists were “damaged” from their experiences but they’re not (exactly) the same. I just hope that the movie would focus and emphasize more on the story than the love scenes though those scenes would of course make the story (a bit) exciting (**wink**).

The ending for me was satisfying and touching, thus made me really believe that love is beautiful in its perfect timing with the perfect person.

Do I like/love this book? Of course. I admit that this book has a lot of “love scenes” but the story behind them was heart-breaking-beautiful. By reading this book, you would experience love, heartache, hope, forgiveness, letting go, and loving again, for love is the most beautiful thing in this world. So prepare yourselves when you decided to pick this up and read because Miles and Tate’s story is bittersweet.

#Love is never ugly with the right person though it hurts like hell

#Love heals heartache

#Heartache heals in time

#Love quotes from the one who’s never been in a relationship

#PS I prefer the under water design of the cover