The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson

Well, it took me more days than the usual to finish this book. But nevertheless I decided to give this book a 4 star rating.

This was my first ever read of a fantasy novel about religion and I could definitely say that I enjoyed this experience. As a Christian, myself, I approve this one. It didn’t step on my belief about God. Also, this book made me reflect about my trust and faith in God. I pretty much understand whenever Elisa had doubts about God’s will because I, also, had moments where my doubts took the best of me.

The Book Cover was pretty, though I still couldn’t see the connection of the title to the story. And the world building was also good. This was my first read about the desert adventures and to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. I never had any idea of the way people lived in the desert. I learned a lot about the desert through Elisa’s adventure.

Written in Elisa’s (the heroine) POV, this book was fast paced with several action scenes. The story was unpredictable and there were a few scenes that put me on the edge of my seat. Also there were some scenes I wished that did not happen because they made my heart ached until now after I read the book. So this book successfully gave me different sorts of “feels”.

I shed a tear, I fell in love, I grieved and sympathized for Elisa, and felt triumphant when she did. I pretty much put myself in her shoes. Her insecurities, self pity, and low self-esteem, I.Totally.Get.Them, I liked how the author built her character and I felt some sort of connection with her and I’m anxious to know what would she become further in the future.

I got a hard time with some of the terms used in this book. So, I breezed upon and not really paid attention to them because I found them hard to memorize.

I liked a bunch of characters from this book (aside from Elisa), especially Prince Rosario, he brought smile to my face and he was so adorable. I also liked Alejandro but I liked Humberto more. Then, there was Hector, gentleman and mysterious, I’m also looking forward to know him better. Also the women who helped and had been part of Elisa’s journey namely, Ximena, Anexia, Mara and Cosme, were also worthy to be mentioned (yeah Girl Power!).

The ending was satisfying IMO. Though I would take a day or two (or maybe more depending on my mood) of rest before I start the sequel “The Crown of Embers” to gear up my head and heart for whatever “feels” Ms Carson has to offer from the sequel.

This book might be not for everybody’s liking. But if you want to read a story about faith in God, desert adventures and a romance that is not the central topic of the story, you might as well give this book a try.