Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover

I couldn’t remember how I came across with this book. It’s been a few months since I’d read this. I was just re-reading this book because I’m into my goal of writing reviews of the awesome books I’d already read but haven’t written a review yet.

This was the first book of CoHo that I ever read (First of the two, the other was “Ugly Love”). I remember after reading this I’d suffer from “emotional overwhelm” for a few days. I couldn’t get over of the different kinds of feels this book evoked in me. If I hadn’t read the epilogue, I would have been feeling guilty for loving the story since it contains a specific sensitive issue that’s against any moral standards. Thank god the epilogue was written in Maggie’s point of view.

I’d read reviews about this that says they didn’t like it because it was about “cheating”. Let me set this clear, I am against cheating, I don’t tolerate nor condone it, I never wanted to be a part of cheating anybody’s relationship, and I swear I’d never committed cheating in my entire life. And I know it sucks and hurts to be on the receiving end. So what made me read this book if it contains the subject cheating? The answer, “Music”.

Written in Sydney and Ridge’s alternating perspective, this book was also about writing (song) lyrics. Two people creating music that describes how they felt for each other. Their collaboration in creating music established their compatibility. They wrote their lyrics with honesty. They also wrote the truth on how they felt even though they knew that something about it was wrong. The way they felt for each other were expressed through their music, so as a music lover this was an effective attraction.

I would also like to discuss some other details of this book.
· The Cover. I liked the first cover better than the second. I don’t know why they have to change the cover, I preferred the first because of the music sheet in the cover and I think it was appropriate since the main characters were writing lyrics in the story.
· The Writing. I wasn’t really an expert when it comes to judging how well or bad a book was written, but I could definitely say that this book passed my standards.
· The Characters. Sydney, Ridge, Maggie and even Warren were all interesting characters. They were likeable, realistic, entertaining and (sometimes) fun to read.
· The Plot. Writing a book discussing a sensitive issue and making it realistic because let’s face it, other readers didn’t like this book because of the “cheating” topic but this kind of situation happens in real life. I salute CoHo for her guts in writing this book.
· The OST. OMGEE!!! The music that Sydney and Ridge both created were real.***squeal*** The very first time I listened to them, I had teary-eyes while smiling and laughing like an idiot. I remember how my brother looked at me like I’m some kind of lunatic for he didn’t know what to make of me. I know he couldn’t figure out if I’m sad because my eyes were teary or happy because of my idiotic smile and laugh. But whatever, because I, either, couldn’t explain how I felt that moment. I’d lost count of the times I’ve already listened to the OST’s of this book (Maybe more than hundred times) because they were all beautiful let alone the very mesmerizing, soothing, captivating voice of Griffin Peterson (the singer). ****sigh****

Regardless of the issue that others seemed to couldn’t get past and decided that they hated this book for “that issue”, I.Still.Loved.This.Book. I respect their opinion. And again, “cheating” is a NO, NO, for me, but the way COHO written this book was soooo amazingly good. Also, she did not make the characters bitter despite of everything that happened to them. Like for Sydney, the guilt she felt was understandable; her decision to give time and make sure both Ridge and her feelings were on the perfect timing, for me were just the right thing to do. And Ridge, (I had a few issues with him) I didn’t like some of his actions, he was so confused as hell but later on figured out what he really felt, and that for me was realistic since many guys admit that it is hard for them to express their feelings compared to girls. Then, Maggie’s reaction, acceptance and decision to move on were impressive, making her even more wonderful and an amazing character (how can you not like her character?). I feel sorry for her but I know she’s happy. (Read the epilogue for the proof)

So, all in all, my suggestion is to keep an open mind in reading this book because you’ll never know this situation might happen to you. This is a good book and we’ll learn something from it.

And of course, “READ IT!”

#The feels I had with this book were toooooo muuuuuch!!!

# Still as intense and even more piercing reading it the second time around

#One of the few books that made me experience severe emotional crisis/overwhelm/stress at its finest