The Unbound - Victoria Schwab

I’ve always been interested in anything paranormal (movies, TV series, etc.) so when I discovered this series I was totally pumped but I never thought I would enjoyed it so much.


I made some comparison of the first and this second book, and I could definitely say if the first book was impressive, this second book was fantabulous. And the cover was stunning. I admire how this cover was being coordinated from the first book. The Archived was in (shade of) blue and black with the Archived key and the narrow as a background while this book was in (shade of) green and black with the Keeper’s ring with three slashes and a gate on its background. These covers became one of my favorite book covers ever.


In the first book most actions happened at the Archived and the Narrow, but this time there were even fight scenes at the Outer. Also, the action was doubled in this book compared to the first and I never thought that Mac being back to school would make everything more exciting and with more adventure. I was worried how she would be able to do her job as a Keeper without affecting her life as a student. I also felt exhausted because I felt I was with Mac’s every adventure.


The action, the mystery and the suspense in this book made me emotionally exhausted just like what Mac’s experiencing throughout the whole book ( her school, a lot of hunting, her trying to solve the mysteries happening around her and her job as a keeper were causing her parents to have doubts on her) . There were times that I wanted to tell her “Stop! Get some sleep or rest for a while.” because all of these were taking a toll on her.


Now I could say that I had the idea why Ms. Schwab said on her (Goodreads) comment that writing this book nearly killed her (I know she’s just exaggerating, right Ms. Schwab?**wink**) because I could really tell that she studied/researched well about some particular topic such as revolution based from the lectures of Mr. Lowell (Mac’s Government teacher) during their class.  


The romance between Mac and Wesley (***giggles***) though was so cute. I understand Mac’s fears and hesitations at first because she didn’t want to put her loved ones in danger so she tried her best to resist her developing feelings for Wes but later on she realized that being with him was worth it and that it’s okay to have someone you can lean on to. Every scene they were involved made me giggle and smile (like an idiot) because they were so cute together.    


The ending left me wanting more. There were unanswered questions and if I haven’t read “Leave the Window Open” I would definitely pull my hair and bang my head on the wall (kidding) because there were no details about the last book getting published in the near future (I really hate the anticipation).


And hell YES! I recommend this to everyone. I know not all readers like paranormal but this series was WORTH A TRY.