The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer 2)

The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

Now this is getting interesting. I must admit, I wasn’t really hooked in the first book but this sequel was better. I’m glad I did not give up on this series, and I’m happy because the third/last book was already available (the perks of reading an already finished series: NO MORE WAITING) so I could finish this series anytime I wanted.

Once again the book cover was still breathtaking***me applauding***and the book trailer was more on point this time (I think) though it still appeared sensual.

The fact that this book was based on Ms. Hodkin’s experience made this even creepier. If I haven’t read her story behind the concept of Mara Dyer, (You can read it in there would be a lot of questions hanging around me that was making me confused as hell about this book. There she explained a lot of things such as how she came up with the title of the first book where she used the word “Unbecoming” and how she got the idea for Mara’s story pacified me in some way that made me appreciate this series even more.

Most of the questions I had back in the first book were answered in this sequel. The reasons how Mara and Noah could do the things that made them extraordinary; who the villains really were? (because it’s not just Jude); the mysteries behind their abilities and Noah’s secret were finally revealed.

Since the title of this sequel is “The Evolution of Mara Dyer”, what I was really expecting was Mara’s ability would evolve. Like maybe she would be able to control her ability to kill. Or maybe she would discover she possessed another power/ability aside from killing by just thinking about it. Also, I was expecting more action since in “Unbecoming” Mara had a few victims (accidentally and intentionally) but here there was nothing much.

If there were things that really evolved in this book, these were the following:

First, Mara’s (mental) condition got worse. She didn’t only experience hallucinations; she also sleepwalked and did things that she didn’t remember doing and that made her appeared crazier than before.

Second, Mara’s fear of Jude was too much that it hindered her capability to kill, and that could have helped her in her situation. She seemed helpless too. I didn’t see much of the “DESTROYER” until the near ending.

Last, the development of romance between Mara and Noah was sizzling. But don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining at all. My mood surged to the highest level whenever they had scenes together. I proudly declare Mara and Noah as one of my top OTP’s.

Then Mara had dreams/visions/flashbacks about her past life? I didn’t really know what to make of it but I’ve been having this feeling that Mara’s ability had something to do with her genes and I couldn’t really discuss this without giving spoilers away, so I’d just let the readers to find them out.

And her NAME! Finally, now the M.A.D.N.E.S.S. is complete.
M= Mara
A= Amitra
D= Dyer
N= Noah
E= Elliot
S= Simon
S= Shaw

So after reading this book I supposed Mara Dyer was her real name (Right? Guh!). I’m still entertaining the thought that maybe, just maybe the book trailer was telling the truth about “Mara Dyer” being not her real name.

Now the ending, it was the part where my questions were answered so I’d read those last few pages a couple of times because there were too much important information I couldn’t afford to miss.

Overall, even though I still have a few issues and questions, the way this book was written was amazing and I could definitely say that I enjoyed and liked this sequel more than the first, so I decided to give this book 4.5 star.

I’d read mixed reviews about this series and I could say that this was not for everyone. If you are patient enough and just give this series a chance you will appreciate Mara’s story.