Losing It - Cora Carmack

This is the book that you-should-not-judge-by-its-cover since when you look at it you would think that this is an erotic book but it’s not (well not really).


What I really liked about this book was that the characters had something to do with theater acting. This was the first time that I read a story about that so I could say that I somehow enjoyed this book.


This book was about student/professor relationship so it was a bit complicated.  Bliss was a theater student who happened to meet Garrick in the bar on her first ever attempt to look for someone to lose her V-card with from the suggestion of one of her best friends. It was an insta-love but it was not a big deal for me because I think if I saw a good-looking guy in a bar reading a book, he would definitely grab my attention. Plus Garrick seemed to be a nice guy (and British) too. So they almost made it, I meant their make out session was starting to heat up but Bliss freaked out and left Garrick in her apartment naked. Then later on found out that Garrick was her new professor. The hell! The guy you almost had a one night stand with was your new professor.      


This kind of relationship was such a sensitive issue, but honestly I could say that I somehow knew how that felt like, and I know that others too experienced this especially the students. Back when I was in college I got a crush to this professor of mine. I don’t usually tell my friends whenever I have a crush on someone because I don’t like being teased about it, and admit it or not sometimes when your friends know who your crush is they tend to give you unsolicited advices that usually suggest of you being aggressive. I’m not saying that my group of friends back then were bad influenced to me, but I got some of them teased me so I know that somehow my professor whom I’ve got a crush with got the idea that I liked him. That was awkward because I know he was happily married and I don’t want to be a cause of a family being broken, so I just tried my best to ignore my friends whenever they teased me and swallowed the embarrassment when they tend to get more excited when my professor crush was nearby.


So back to the story, I know that most girls could somehow relate to this book.  


The author wrote this sensitive issue in a story where she mixed it with some humor and the story was fast paced so it was okay with me.


I’m just a bit bothered that most girls think about the pressure of being virgin. This should not be a big deal. If you think you’re not ready to lose your V-card, don’t pressure yourself, don’t do it just because other people are telling you to do it. And besides, it is your body, you’re the one who’s in control, do not let them dictate you on what to do. Stand your ground and chin up. So what if you’re still a virgin. It’s none of their business.  

Another thing that Bliss got into in this story aside from getting involved with her professor was that she found out that her guy best friend Cade was in love with her. She was already in love with Garrick so of course she turned down his feelings towards her. And Cade did not accept it easily; he tried to avoid Bliss so their friendship got affected. Her secret relationship with Garrick and the sudden change in her relationship with Cade were some of the highlights in this story.  


What I liked least about this was the part where Bliss got sick then Garrick had to take care of her, then later on they got back together. I don’t know but I got a bit disconnected because of that, it could have been better with any other circumstances, I don’t know what that should be but anyway it’s just okay.


I liked Bliss though I couldn’t really connect with her for some reason but she has a strong personality, she’s passionate about theater and she likes being in control.    


Anyway the story ended nice. I’m happy for them. And over all I could say that it was a fun read. So if you’re into this kind of romance with the stage/theater drama, you better read this.