The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

I don’t know if it’s just me or I’m just a psycho, because I’m really enjoying reading books with unstable narrators. I found it challenging sorting what’s real and what’s not, what’s true and what’s false.  And I could definitely say that Mara made me experienced the hell she’d experienced in the entire book.


The book trailer got me confused. I watched the book trailer before I decided to read this book (since that’s one of my pre-reading rituals aside from checking out some book reviews) and all along I’ve been looking and figuring out Mara’s real name because the trailer said Mara Dyer was not her real name.  Then I read the book and in the book that was her real name….So I was wondering did I miss something?....And one of the impressions I got from watching the trailer was that the characters had some sexual scenes, but there wasn’t (not that I’m eagerly looking for that), I mean the romance in this book was wholesome though the tension was undeniable but not the same as the trailer was trying to suggest…..So I was really confused. The trailer was deceiving.


But the book cover was stunning although haunting. The moment I laid my eyes to it, I was intrigued. The idea behind it was genius.


Anyway, moving on, Mara was not a model heroine, by that I meant, she was not the typical teenager or kick-ass or an advocate of justice or something; she’s a teenager who was suffering from a trauma because of an incident she got involved with. She acted stupid sometimes but what could you expect if you yourself were starting to doubt your own sanity. She made decisions that most of the time took a toll on her then later on regret. She had PTSD, I’m still confused as to who she really is. She’s a mystery, hell, everything about her was a mystery. How she does what she does, and even the things that were happening around her. She acted crazy but sane in some way. She’s just so confusing.


Noah on the other hand, was undoubtedly charismatic. He had family issues despite having almost everything a boy wanted in life. Rich (super), smart, good-looking (as Mara described him) and had British accent. Every girl seemed to like him and wanted to have him. But he was a closed book for me. Despite of all of these, still there’s more to know about him.


Mara and Noah together was exciting. Most of the moments I enjoyed about this book were the moments when they’re together.  I was really glad that there was no love triangle involved in this book.


The story revolved around Mara’s experiences right before and after the incident with her friends. So there were flashbacks and nightmares where Mara remembered what happened because she forgot about the details of how she got in and what really happened inside the asylum before the building collapsed and became the only survivor.  


The Ending of course was a cliffhanger (well most series ended in cliffhangers right?)but it suggests an idea on what to expect on the sequel. I just hope they’re much better. 


I also liked the way the author wrote Mara’s POV. I’m not saying this book was perfectly written, no, because there were times that I had to re-read a few lines/paragraphs in order to understand them well, but nevertheless I still like her writing style.  


I wasn’t really in loved with this first book but I would still give this series a chance to win me over. Anyway, I’m still giving this book 4 stars, since this had moments that I enjoyed honestly.