Black Moon Draw - Lizzy Ford

A Confession: The concept of this book was my childhood fantasy. Being in another world, having an adventure of my life and me having super powers saving people’s lives.  And hopefully meeting the “Man of my Dreams”.


The moment I read the blurb it automatically earned the no.1 spot on my TBR pile. And I’m glad that it did not disappoint me at all.


I started reading this book pretty late at night of Thursday (11:58 pm to be exact) and finished it Saturday (12:10 am) so I literally finished this in just a day and a couple of minutes. I was so glad that I had no work on that Friday so I just stayed at home, ditched my plans and devoured this book.


I wasn’t expecting anything and I was a bit skeptical at first but after reading the first few pages I was into the story right away.


 Black Moon Draw was an unfinished fantasy novel Naia (the heroine of this book) found on Wattpad. It was also the name of a kingdom being ruled by the Shadow Knight. Naia stumbled upon a mysterious writer named LF (I believe stands for Lizzy Ford, the real author of the book). And these concepts were clever in my own opinion.


The story was told alternately by Naia the heroine and by a third person narrating whatever’s happening from the Shadow Knight’s perspective.


This book was fun to read. It had adventure, a few fight scenes, and a sizzling romance between the two main characters.


I really enjoyed reading this book. It made me laugh and raced my heartbeat as if I was running because of the romantic tension from this book.  I also enjoyed the characters and the settings.  The author made up cool names of the characters and places on this book. She also incorporated some popular movies to this book that made this relatable to the readers.


The ending was perfect. I liked it but I also wished this was part of a series instead of just a standalone because I wanted more from the world of Black Moon Draw.


I found this book original and unique since this was the first book that I read about being sucked into a book. Seemed ironic considering that was every reader’s dream; to experience everything that was happening in the book by ourselves. 


I highly recommend this to everyone. Specially to those who dream of being sucked into a book just like me.