Poison Princess - Kresley Cole

I found/discovered this book while browsing the books/movies section on Pinterest. The cover was pretty but still my favorites are the covers of Fallen series by Lauren Kate and (my favorite book cover ever) Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I wasn’t really expecting anything about this book but still it caught my attention, so I gave it a try and consulted my very reliable friend “Goodreads” about this book because I always make it a habit to read reviews first before I decided to read a book.


Its title is Poison Princess by Kresley Cole (I love the author’s name by the way). This book was about a girl who was sent by her mother to a mental institution because they believe she’s not mentally stable and she’s having hallucinations.


The story was told by two (2) persons POV. The first (the prologue) and some at the last part was told by a psycho killer Arthur’s POV (“The Hermit”) and the rest was Evie’s (the protagonist of the story; “The Empress” Evangeline Greene). The story started when Evie came to Arthur’s place for a meal in exchange for her story before and after the Flash. So there were flashbacks on Evie’s life about her family, friends and boy friend.


Evie was a high school student and a cheerleader, who came from a rich family and was trying to live a normal life after being released from her confinement at a behavioral clinic for three months. And it was a secret that she couldn’t tell to anyone, even from her best friend and boy friend. Then came Jack, a Cajun and a bad boy classmate of hers, and later on became her protector and helped her on her mission (What mission? Go read the book and find out yourself…I’ve given too much spoilers).  


I found the plot of this book original. I haven’t read any book about tarot cards yet. Not that I’d read a lot of fiction YA books but most of the books I’ve read were about angels and vampires but tarot cards? This was the first time, so I was curious and excited as well.


The 22 trump cards were embodied by 22 individuals, possessing magical and extra-ordinary abilities according to the card they represent to. And not only that, there was this event called The Flash which was like the apocalypse that resulted in a huge catastrophe. Then the book turned into a dystopian story. People were struggling to survive because there were no food and water available, and if there were they have to fight for them against the other survivors, the armies and the bagmens (aka zombies like creatures). If these were not enough reasons for you to try this out, I don’t know what were.


The story was slow paced. I must admit I skipped some lines at the beginning because I was dying to get to the good part, but when I finally got there, I couldn’t put down the book and there went my sleepless nights (well not really sleepless, I’m just exaggerating but three (3) nights that I slept at 3:00~3:30 in the morning then I had to wake up at 8:00am for work).  


The ending worked for me, even though I hate cliffhangers. I was really trying my best not to read the sequel “Endless Knight” yet because I wanted to make a review first before I do so. Now that I’m done with it, I’m ready to know what happened next to Evie, Jack and the rest of the guys.


I really enjoyed and loved this book and I recommend this to any readers who enjoy adventure, post-apocalyptic, dystopia, and with some tension on a romantic side.