The Archived - Victoria Schwab

I discovered this book on tumblr, when one of the book bloggers that I’m following reposted a post from her follower. I couldn’t remember the name who posted this book but god knows I’m thankful that I decided to read this amazing book because of them (both the one who posted and the one who reposted about this book I couldn’t thank you enough). Then I searched it on goodreads and learned more about this book.


The cover was beautiful, the synopsis was catchy and the concept was original (the same reasons why I chose to read The Arcana Chronicles Series among any other amazing books on my TBR pile). This was the first book of Victoria Schwab that I ever read and definitely not the last and I have no regrets at all. I found a lot of things about this book “original and unique”. From the setting (esp The Narrow and The Archived), the functions of the things they used (the key, ring, door, thread, drawer, paper,  etc), to the terms the author used in this book  such as Librarian, Crew, Keepers, History and the idea behind them were “Genius”.   


This book was told by Mackenzie’s perspective and I thought she was an awesome heroine. I got to witness her determination and passion for her “job”, her fighting spirit as a Keeper, her as a daughter, a sister and a friend. She sometimes craved for a normal teenage girl life whenever she felt lonely; and the need to lie even to the people she loved sometimes made her felt the need to escape and desire for some “quietness” or peaceful life.  Her life wasn’t normal and lying was a thing that she needed to master but I understood her actions and decisions too.     


The world building of this book was really “AMAZING” and the author made a good job at describing the three settings of this book namely The Outer (esp The Coronado), The Narrow and The Archived (I could picture them really well in my mind).


I just got confused at the beginning whenever Mac used the word “you” to refer to Da (her grandfather and mentor), but aside from that everything went smoothly for me. 


There was even a time that I got teary-eyed because I felt the grief in Mackenzie’s heart for his lost brother and her fear that one day she’ll totally forget everything about him.      

We had a mild touch of romance in this book (glad it wasn’t the center of this book) and it kept me wanting for more.  


The ending was cute and satisfying. I’m so glad the next book “The Unbound” was already available (Gotta read that asap!).


This book has mysteries, supernatural, paranormal, suspense, actions and flashbacks. So if you enjoy those I recommend this book for you to read.