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Because of Mr. Terupt - Rob Buyea

This book follows the story of the seven fifth grade students at Snow Hill School. Each of them narrates their own stories (school and personal experiences) and their own versions of how Mr. Terupt, their new teacher, made their classroom a fun place to learn until an unfortunate event that made an impact to the lives of those seven narrators.   


I was a bit skeptical at the start because there were seven narrators in this book. I have never read a book with so many narrators so I wonder how I will be able to connect with all of them. Fortunately, it wasn’t the case in this book. Buyea was able to make me connect with all of the narrators. As an adult, the fact they were all kids didn’t prevent me to connect with all of them. Each character had different stories to tell and I had so much fun reading their own stories on their own point of view.


I admired Mr. Terupt for being such an inspiration to his students. He was such a cool teacher. The one his students could joke with but will also chastise them if need be. He had fun and creative ways of teaching his students and was able to involve his students to engage in his learning activities.  


This book is so relatable. It will remind us of lots of things we experienced at school. The fun and the not so fun experiences; the classmates and friends we have gained, even the bullies or the “mean girls” we’d encounter. And of course, it will remind us of our favorite teacher/s we admired and served as our role model at school and sometimes in life.


I never thought I would enjoy this book so much. Not sure when I will be able to read its sequel though.  







#who says children’s books are for kids only?

#so much nostalgia

#bought this book in a thrift book store and it was a gem



This Savage Song (Monsters of Verity) - Victoria Schwab

Thought I was done with YA because (I think) I’m a little bit old for that, but something deep inside me nagged me to not give up, so that was what I did. I chose Victoria Schwab’s (one of my favorite authors) “This Savage Song” since it’s only a duo logy and just recently concluded.


This Savage Song follows the story of the two main characters August Flynn (South Verity) and Kate Harker (North Verity). Their families have been on truce for a couple of years now but that seems coming to an end.  August is a Sunai, one of the three kinds of Monsters in Verity, who wants to live like humans. Kate Harker is a human who desperately wanted to prove to her father that she is a worthy “Harker” and that means she needs to show that she is capable of ruling monsters just like her father.   


The world where this story was set was dark and cruel. Human violent acts will result in the appearance of monsters (Malchai= bloodsucker; Corsai= monsters with sharp teeth and claws; Sunai= steal souls through music). In this place, people fight or pay for their safety.


I don’t know why other people say this book contains zero romance, but to me August and Kate’s chemistry is so palpable. It is not obvious but it is there and I love it just the way it is.


One of the reasons Ms. Schwab became one of my favorite authors was because of the unique plots of her novels. It is a wonder to me how she came up with those ideas. Each of her novels is unique and unpredictable. They don’t usually focus on romance. They are like a breath of fresh air considering most YA novels today have same ideas and focus on romance. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against romance but sometimes it becomes the center of the whole story in most YA.


I like the writing style, the book cover (so lovely), the perspective and a couple of characters of this book. I enjoyed this book immensely for sure I will read the last installment as soon as I could get my hands on it.


Dark, cruel and brutal world, likable and charming hero, kickass heroine and (almost) no romance, go ahead and try this one if these things I mentioned strikes your fancy.      




#I’m back with reviews hope this will continue


#Just because I don’t post reviews doesn’t mean I stop reading….no…I don’t think I would ever stop reading…ever



The One - Kiera Cass

The One is the third book in the Selection Series and I believed the finale in the love story of Maxon and America because the next book is a spin-off for another character. And from what the title suggests, in this book Prince Maxon’s future wife will be revealed (which was pretty obvious who the chosen one was).


I gave this book 3.9/5 star rating, higher than its two predecessors, mainly because the romance level between Prince Maxon and America struck my romantic standards. Despite how annoyed I was with this couple, they managed to win me over in the end.  For the epilogue alone, I would rate it a perfect 5/5 star rating because it was simply perfect in my opinion. 


I had a love/hate relationship with this series. If you happen to read my previous reviews of its two predecessors, you would know the reasons why. If not for the epilogue, I would have given this book a lower rating because America and Prince Maxon annoyed me into frustration.


I’m not sure when will I proceed with the next book though; the interest is not in me. All in all it was a nice read (the epilogue saved this book for me). Knowing what the fuss is all about with this series makes me smug.






#I liked the Selection series’ book trailers too


#just to be clear I don’t have any problems with Kiera Cass’ writing


The Elite - Kiera Cass

In The Selection, the girls fighting for Prince Maxon’s heart started with thirty-five girls. In this book, it’s only down to six girls called the “Elite”, hence the book title “The Elite.”


I had mixed emotions reading this sequel but the one that stood out was annoyance. Yup. America got on my nerves. Well, Prince Maxon too. Both of them were annoying they almost made me pull my hair out. Almost. But don’t get me wrong, I still liked America, which was given (because I have an unavoidable sense of loyalty to the protagonist in every book I read). Her love and the way she cared for her father, little sister, Marlee, her maids and a few other girls in the competition were genuine and admirable in my opinion. My only problem with her was the way she dealt with her feelings to both Prince Maxon and Aspen. In some way I understood her but I couldn’t help but get annoyed to both of America and Prince Maxon. They were the most annoying couple I’ve ever read, so far.


What I liked about this book was the tasks/challenges given to the girls to prove their worth in becoming the future wife of Prince Maxon. Of course, I rooted for America every time and she never disappoints. She rose to the occasion despite being an underdog and the only girl left in a low caste.


This book was fast-paced, still addicting despite being annoying most of the times. Good thing I had enough patience because if not, I would have given up on this with all the I-need-more-time-to-decide-if-I-love-you that America was trying to pull throughout the book.



#really, I hate love triangle too much


#still loved the book cover though

The Selection - Kiera Cass

Every time I walk into our local bookstore, I will always notice these gorgeous book covers from The Selection Series by Kiera Cass on the young adult section.  They are so catchy and attractive, they are almost impossible to miss. And every time I look at them, there is something that pulls me to touch them. I am not even embarrassed when people see me petting those books.



The Selection follows the story of a 17-year-old girl, America Singer. She is one of the chosen girls who are qualified to join The Selection, a competition of girls in which Prince Maxon (Crown Prince of Illea) is going to chose his future wife. But America is already in love with someone else (Aspen). Despite being reluctant to join The Selection and the pressure from her family, a misunderstanding with her lover forces America to join the competition. Later on, she finds herself competing with 34 other girls who are trying to win Prince Maxon’s heart. Moreover, there are group of rebels who frequently attack the palace and threaten The Selection process. Then America finds out that Aspen becomes a royal guard of the palace. With her jealousy arising from the competition and realizing that her first love is also in the palace, how would America deal with all of these? It’s for you to find out. ***zipping my lips***


What I really like about this book is the Caste system where each person/family is being assigned with a number based on their status in life. “One” being the highest, which means the Royal family, down to “Eight” being the lowest, which implies the poorest of the society.  This is the first time I’ve read a book with castes so I like it.



I like America’s personality. I could somehow relate to her but I’m not like her (Does that make sense?). Anyway, I need more of Maxon. To me he’s still a mystery that I’m curious to know more about. The other characters that I am fond of are America’s father, May, America’s maids and Marlee.  


This book contains love triangle, so if that is not your thing you might not enjoy this book. I, myself consider “love triangles” as one of my pet peeves, so there are many scenes here that bother me. If I didn’t know the endgame before starting this book, I would not bother with this one. This also reminds me a lot of the US Tv series, “The Bachelor”.



All in all, it’s an okay read for me. I’m not crazy about it but it is an easy read. The chapters aren’t too long for me so I get to finish this book in the span of one and a half days, which only happens when I’m in the mood to read because I’m not really a fast reader.




#I’m a sucker for gorgeous book covers so picking this up is a no-brainer


#Just because I like America doesn’t mean that I don’t get annoyed with her when she acts stupid, which happens more often

The Bitter Kingdom - Rae Carson

Just because it took me forever to finish reading this book doesn’t mean I didn’t find it good.  


I have read the second book of this series for almost two years. I was so worried I would lose interest if I would keep stalling reading the last book in the series. So even if I wasn’t in the mood to read it, I decided to just go ahead and get this over with. They say do not force yourself into reading a book if you don’t feel like it, well this is an exception. I was glad that I forced myself even if it took me long because I just read one chapter each day.



Although the experience was a struggle, I actually ended up liking the story of this book. Yes, I had issues with this but at the end of the day I liked how this series ended. I actually felt “that feeling” when you finish a book and you don’t know what to do next. I realized I missed the characters and felt a bit sad because I reached the end but I was also happy because I finished a series (I know you get what I mean right?).



Lots of things happened in this last installment.  A lot of exciting adventures that I haven’t read in other books; wonderful old/new characters I fell in love with; and that romance the main character, Elisa deserved after everything she’s been through.


Overall, I enjoyed this series. It might not be a favorite series of mine but this book introduced me into desert adventures I was never interested reading before but now made me reconsider. Its concept with the god stone was quite unique and as a Christian I liked it.



If you are into books with desert adventures, religious concept, and romance, I recommend this to you.



#I would certainly miss Hector, Elisa, Prince Rosario and Mula/Red


#Looking back at it, I learned a lot about desert survivals through this book. One thing I enjoyed much about reading fiction novels is that I learn things while having fun.




Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop

I must admit that the main reason why I’m so eager to read this series is because of its slow-burn romance.  Well, after finishing this book all I could say about the romance is “This is TORTURE!”



This third installment is about the life of the Cassandra sangues after they were rescued to their enslaver called the Controller. Another issue in this book is the human faction called Human First and Last Movement, which the main purpose is to cause war to the Others (shifters, vampire, elementals) so that humans could live freely from them. They always forget that in this world the Others are the superior beings than any other creatures and they are at the top of the food chain so their cause is almost zero to none. Now, Meg, Simon, the Others living in Lakeside Courtyard and a few humans who believe that living alongside with the terra indigene is the only way to have a peaceful life, are going to do their best to avoid a situation where humans have nothing to gain and will only put them at a disadvantage.



Even though it hasn’t been long since I read its previous installment I always miss the characters of this book, especially the Others. They are not actually bad. The fact that they are trying to compromise so that humans and the Others could live peacefully together makes me love them even more even though they see humans as meat.    


Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book a lot. The writing is still excellent. The world building is still amazing. The characters are interesting.  New characters are introduced and a lot of things going on. If the multiple POV’s in the previous book bother me and bore me sometimes, I’m glad to say that it isn’t the case this time. I just hope in “Marked in Flesh” (book 4), that slooooowww burn romance would progress a little, however I’m enjoying reading this series.




#This series’ titles are all kickass (Written in Red, Murder of Crows, Vision in Silver, Marked in Flesh, Etched in Bone-March 2017)







Fangirl - Rowell. Rainbow

This book speaks to me because I could relate to its main character so much. Not that I write fan fiction like Cath (How I wish), but because we have the same personality. I could also relate Wren (Cath’s twin sister) to my best friend because they have the same personality. My best friend and I were like a package deal too back in high school. If my best friend was invited in a party, people would automatically assume that I would go with her (well that was true). Many people told us we looked like twins despite her short hair and mine were long (again just like Cath and Wren). She’s sociable, me? Just enough. She’s aggressive, I’m passive. She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. When she wants something she’ll do everything to get it, I on the other hand, would observe first and analyze the situation, if it’s attainable I would plan something to get it. When we slept over each other’s house, we talked until the dawn about various things and we never ran out of things to talk about. Despite our differences we get along pretty well. Sometimes I wonder how we became best friends because we have opposite personalities. Okay enough about me. 

Now back about this book, Cath has a lot of things to deal with, her school, family, and relationship overwhelms her and writing Simon Snow fan fiction is her escape, she loves it and she’s very good at it. Since I could relate to Cath, getting annoyed with her means getting annoyed with myself too. Wren is the very opposite of Cath but I understand her because I have a best friend that reminds me so much of her but thankfully my best friend never tries to shun me. I like Reagan. She’s such an interesting side character and has an interesting personality too. Although I thought she would turn into a bitch (excuse my language) friend to Cath but no, I actually like how their friendship builds up from being roommates and how they are handling an awkward situation regarding their past/present relationship. I find Levi a very charming guy. He’s so nice with other people but he does something that I still can’t look past despite his efforts to make Cath forgive him. And Arthur, (Cath and Wren’s father) is such a loving father. I feel protective of him just like Cath does. He’s fragile but he’s trying his best not to make his daughters worry about him. He’s supportive to his daughters but when it’s time to take charge as a father he’ll lay his rules and stand his ground. 

Aside from Cath’s story, we’ll also get to experience Simon Snow’s (the book character Cath is obsessed with) story from Cath’s version. It’s just okay with me since they’re short and usually appear at the end of each chapter but I’m more interested in Cath’s story. 

Now thinking about it, I realize it ended nice, though I still wanted more from it. Nevertheless, this is such a nice read. I didn’t give it a perfect rating but I included it in my favorite books because it speaks to me and I really enjoyed reading it. 



Actual rating: 4.25/5 stars

#I never thought I would end up liking this, I didn’t even have any expectations about this book 

#I liked Rainbow’s writing style for this book, of course it’s not going to be my last read of her

#Okay… so a few reviews on GR expressed how much they hated Cath’s personality; well I couldn’t because hating Cath is hating myself too


“Everyone is different so deal with it and don’t judge.” Anonymous




Gilded Ashes: A Cruel Beauty Novella - Rosamund Hodge

Now that I’m familiar with the gods and goddesses that are in this world, I can say that I get to appreciate the story better than the first. Everything about this book is likable to me. The plot is interesting, well Cinderella is one of my favorite fairy tales so there’s no doubt that I enjoyed this book. Then, add the creepiness of Maia’s mother with demonic spirit is another thumbs up for me. The characters, Maia and Anax are such a cute couple, yes they aren’t unique but there’s something about them that worked for me.  Also the author’s writing style which I had a hard time adjusting the first time reading Ms Hodge’s book “Cruel Beauty” didn’t overwhelmed me this time.


This novella is a wonderful spin-off to the first book “Cruel Beauty”, so if you wanted to know more about this particular world and can’t get enough of reading dark fairy tales retelling, I definitely recommend you to read this too.

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge

This one is a unique read for me. I haven’t read anything like it. Apart from the beginning where it gave me the same feels I had with “The Wrath and the Dawn” and of course “Beauty and the Beast”, the rest of the story was quite a unique plot for me. I appreciated that it kept me guessing on what would happen next. 


Though the “seduce the enemy and get his trust” trope makes me roll my eyes, gag and cringe, it wasn’t really the case in this book so if that bothers you do not fret.    


I could really see where Nyx hatred to her father came from, dang I myself hated him until the last page, and her Aunt Telomache annoyed me too, grrrr. I could also understand her guilt on how she felt for her twin sister Astraia, to me that was believable. Ignifex, I mean he was supposed to be a demon but aside from doing (cheating) bargains with other people to me it felt as if he wasn’t cruel enough.


That cover though, is so pretty. It was one of the reasons why I picked this up (Yup.  I’m a sucker for pretty book covers). I couldn’t see the relevance of the title “Cruel Beauty” in the story (Someone please enlighten me). The writing sometimes overwhelms me, maybe because I’m not well-versed of the gods and goddesses that played a huge part in this book. So I suppose those who are like me (ignorant about gods and goddesses) would also feel the same way as I felt with this book.    


Despite some of my issues with this book, I still ended up liking the story. This book was a bit dark but unique and unpredictable, plus a cute love story with it. If these things I mentioned appeals to you, then do yourselves a favor and read this!  



Actual rating: 3.9/5 stars


#How was I able to graduate high school without knowing much about Greek and Roman gods and goddesses?  I have no idea


#Or maybe I was asleep when my teacher lectured this in my class

The Hating Game: A Novel - Sally Thorne

This is one of the times that I feel bad because I don’t feel the same as the rest.


Well, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading The Hating Game.


But I can’t give it a rating higher than 3.8 stars, which makes me sad because a lot of people gave this book a higher rating.


What I liked about this book:


1. The banter. It had me cracked up A LOT of times. I could (almost) believed that the two (Lucy and Joshua) hate each other VERY MUCH. I couldn’t (almost) imagine how the two would turn into lovers from the way they interact especially in the beginning.

2. A few particular scenes were unique in the sense that I haven’t read them before, which kind of refreshing.

3. Lucy as a heroine had a lot of good qualities I really admire. Her determination and dedication in her job; her independence since she’s living far away from her family and has no close friends by her side; and her strong will in achieving something that she longs for and not back down are just a few of her qualities that tell something about how admirable a character she is.  

4. Even though I found Joshua annoying and sometimes ungentlemanlike from the way he treated Lucy in the beginning, I couldn’t help but like him (because yes, I like complicated heroes). I found his shyness cute; he was a competent man; and he was such a sweet person.


What didn’t work for me:


1. As I mentioned above, it was very believable that the two hate each other. But then whenever Lucy thought of how much she hated Joshua, she also couldn’t help but noticed how handsome he was. Which was okay from the first few times, but when done almost every time? *eye roll*

2. Some important scenes had less impact on me, because I’ve already read them from other books.

3. The ending. I need more.

(See how this is annoying? To me this book ended with a few loose ends to tie up.)


All in all, this book was an enjoyable read. It was hard to put down despite some issues I had with it. Romantics out there will surely enjoy this. If “enemies to lovers” is your favorite trope, then this book is for you.



#I feel a little bad because I’m sure that the “Me” before would love this kind of story. I surely love contemporary romances

Murder of Crows - Anne Bishop

This is the sequel to Written in Red (The Others series), an urban fantasy novel of Anne Bishop that caters any readers (YA, NA, A) as long as you enjoy shifters/paranormal/slow burn romance kind of story. The story of Meg Corbyn, a blood prophet (Cassandra sangue), living among the terra indigene (shifters, vampires, elementals). The adventure continues as Meg, Simon and the rest of Others in the Lakeside Courtyard pursue the “Controller”, who enslaves other blood prophets and tries to reclaim Meg for his selfish reasons. Violence against the Others happens to nearby cities. The appearance of two drugs that causes more conflict between humans and the Others. The good relationship between the Others of the Lakeside Courtyard and the humans living there is being threatened by the violence happening around them. To be able to avoid that, the Others and the humans should work together in solving their problems that could destroy them all.    


After reading just three chapters, I put this one off for a while to make way to a book that I found more interesting that time. But whenever I check my goodreads page this book taunted me for some reason so I decided to push myself into reading this. And I must admit that that was a very good decision.


This book managed to capture me again and reminded me how much I loved the first book. This book has gore, cruelty, and slow burn romance that frustrates me but I don’t care because I loved it. Some chapters bored me because I just wanted to read more about Meg and Simon so I just breezed through them. Also I can’t help but cringe sometimes because the Other’s treated Meg in a way that was too especial for my taste. I missed loads of lovable characters from this book and Meg is starting to grow on me in this sequel too.


I’m dying to read the next book. I’m so anxious to read more about Meg and Simon. Their budding romance is killing me. And now that a particular conflict was solved, I wonder what would be next to these wonderful characters.  


#The fact that I was able to enjoy this book right after reading Harry Potter says something right?


#Usually after reading an exceptional book, the next book dulls in comparison. But this? Nope.



#Simon, Simon, Simon…..*sigh*    

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban  - J.K. Rowling

After three books, I still can’t help but wonder how J.K. Rowling came up with these ideas:


  1. 1. Creatures with unique qualities. Dementors, Boggart, Hagrid’s pets, etc.
  2. 2. The terms used at the book. Muggles, Quidditch, Butterbear, Honeydukes, Grindylow, etc.
  3. 3. The world building/Places. Ex. Hogsmeade , Hogwarts, etc.


Just because I gave this book a perfect rating, doesn’t mean that I didn’t have any issues with it. No, it’s just I am willing to ignore them and not make a big deal of them. For instance, during every fight scenes, I preferred more cruelty, because they all seemed light, not much strenuous effort, but then I’d remember that this series is categorize for children, and we don’t want our future generation to be violent ones, right? So yes, I’m willing to look past that and a couple of minor things with of little importance to me.


I also agree with other reader’s that this book is darker than the first two books. I felt it from the first few chapters, compared to its other two predecessor’s first few chapters which were light and fun.


I know I might sound like a broken record but seriously, every chapter of this book is full of exciting scenes. I think the movie tried to stay truthful to the book, so I can’t blame the people behind it for altering some scenes, because you can’t put the magnificence of this book into just less than 3 hours of film.  


Honestly, I don’t have much to say aside from so far this series never cease to amaze me. I’m starting to think that maybe J.K. Rowling is a real life witch and she cast a spell on each of her books to enchant anyone who would read these books with open minds.  


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, you’re up next!


#I’ll sum up Daniel Radcliff in one word for each of the film of Harry Potter:



1.HPPS= Cute


2.HPCS= Adorable


3.HPPA= Hot!!! (Yes that hair!*heart eyes*) 

This is not book related

Whenever someone (a family or a friend) encourages me of going in an outing, particularly swimming, I’m always like, “mmmm” or “When? I think I don’t have time.” or “Where? Don’t you think that’s a little too far?” or “That would be tiring with all the packing, food preparation and of course the money because I’m on a budget right now so maybe next time?”


In short, I am never excited to go to any outing. In fact, I dreaded it. I always find an excuse not to go. I just think all the effort isn’t worth it because I don’t enjoy going out. I’m the type of person who enjoys staying at home than going outside. I’d rather read a book or lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling daydreaming. Introverts, I know you can relate to this. Right?


I think another reason why I don’t like going in any outing, especially swimming, is because of an incident when I was in my first grade in high school. Our class went on a swimming. We went to a resort in a nearby town. On our way to the resort, everyone was enjoying the field’s scenery through our service bus’ windows, when one of my classmates joked about a cemented rectangular box shape thing that was in the middle of the field. She mentioned about it looking like a coffin. Another classmate of mine told her of not joking like that because it was a bad omen. And then we let it go and nobody talked about it anymore. We got to the resort, and everyone was happily swimming with our own group of friends.


Nobody expected what was about to happen.


When our class adviser told everyone to wash up and get ready to leave, one of my classmates told his friends about going for a last swim since all the shower was occupied with students. His friends told him not to go, but he insisted. So off he went, back to the swimming pool. Alone.


According to his friends, after about a few minutes, when they were taking their shower, the water from all the showers stopped, then came back after a few seconds. All of them suddenly felt nervous for whatever reason but still they continued and finished up.


As my friends and I got fully dressed after our shower, a classmate of ours told us that one of our classmates was unconscious, probably drowned. We rushed from the girl’s room and saw from the other side of the pool our class adviser doing a CPR to a boy lying on the ground. People were milling around witnessing the incident that put a dent in the lives of the teenagers that were supposed to enjoy and get to know each other as first year high school students.   


Everything happened like a blur, the ambulance came, all the students were told to get on our service bus, we rushed to the nearby hospital and waited outside, then the doctor’s announcement that our classmate didn’t make it.


We knew from the back of our minds that he didn’t make it. Nobody’s just brave enough to voice it out.


That news spread out to the entire school, I believe even the entire town. Then there were rumors about our class adviser’s negligence and unnecessary school outing spread too. But that time, we didn’t care about those rumors. We were grieving.  


The parents of our ill-fated classmate didn’t press charges. They even accepted us, the entire class and our class adviser with hospitality at the funeral that that time we felt we didn’t deserve. Yes, we blamed ourselves for what happened but there was no way that we would cower from the rumors and what other people thought of us. Besides they were not in the position to judge us, they weren’t there, we were there, they didn’t know what happened, we knew what happened.


So there, I guess this incident was the root of my being not enthusiastic whenever someone mentions about swimming. I no longer dreaded going for a swim as much as I used to.  


Why did I write this? Haha, because tomorrow my family and a few close relatives are going in an outing. And yes, a swimming outing. Also, in a swimming pool.


Am I scared for tomorrow? Yes, a little bit. Am I excited for tomorrow? Surprisingly, yes, I am. From all the stress I’m having because of my work, an outing is what I think I needed.


Everybody’s moving on, so I need to move on. My worries and fears are still there but sometimes you need to replace the bad memories with good memories. And that’s what I’m aiming for in this outing tomorrow.


Wish me luck!   




#I don’t usually express my feelings like this but the urge to write this down is so strong, I think I would feel better to finally get this out of my chest


#I’m not comfortable opening up to other people but since I’m on anonymous I guess I’m okay sharing this story to you strangers


#Rumor was he wasn’t the first one who got drowned on that resort, that there’s an evil spirit that would pull you down until you drown. Fact was our classmate was a good swimmer


#According to his mom, he was so excited to show us, his classmates, how good he was in swimming


#We remember you Joel

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

I won’t be ashamed of admitting that I am now one of Harry Potter fanatics.


If children’s books are as good as this series, then I’m definitely missing something in my life. I should probably read a lot from this genre/category.


Also, this is one of the times that I’m thankful that the book series I’m currently reading is already finished. I don’t have to wait for the next book to come out and I don’t like the anticipation.


I finished this book faster than the first, not because the first wasn’t fantastic, no, it’s just now that I’m familiar with the characters and the world of Hogwarts, I was excited to get to know them better. Every chapter of this book was thrilling. I still loved the trio’s adventures, even though their undying curiosities bring them into a lot of troubles, but don’t get me wrong because they make the story more exciting. 


I just realized that the movie had no impact on me before because I couldn’t remember most of its important scenes, that’s why I watched the movie again after reading this sequel. I just noticed a few alterations from the book and I wasn’t happy about them.


Nevertheless, I enjoyed this sequel as much as the first. Again, I gave this book a perfect rating because duh, do I really have to explain this. This book is fascinating and amazing. A perfect continuation of the adventures of Harry Potter and the gang.



#I wonder how the Harry Potter’s fanatics took this sequel’s movie adaptation, because really I frowned at some scenes. Scenes that were not really in the book. 



#how I wish I could afford the illustrated book edition, not right now, I’m on a tight budget *sad face*


The Distance Between Us - Kasie West

The story is just okay.


Typical Rich boy/Poor girl/Love triangle plot.



This is just my second book of Kasie West and I must say that I’ll be reading more of her books. I just like reading her books especially after reading a fantasy because her books are light and they induce good vibes.



The cute book cover was one of the two reasons why I decided to read this book. The porcelain doll store was the other reason; I thought it had a tad of creepiness but nada because this was YA romance.


Caymen’s sarcasm was interesting. So far I think she’s the most sarcastic female character I’ve ever read so I couldn’t connect with her because we have different personality. Then I wanted to berate myself for liking Xander, I mean he was a typical rich boy in YA, nothing new, not so unique but despite those, I liked him.  


My only concern was that this book had good build-up of conflicts. In my opinion, it should’ve been better if the author took advantage of those conflicts.  To me it felt as if the story was rushed to the near ending, all those conflicts was solved suddenly.



I recommend this book to those who haven’t read much about rich boy/poor girl plot because this story might work for you.



#This might be my shortest book review ever because really I didn’t have much to say


#But I still like Kasie West’s writing style