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I love reading books.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

It feels really good knowing what the fuss is all about.

The synopsis says it all. Every chapter is full of exciting and fun scenes.

It’s been a while since I gave a book a perfect rating; actually this was just the fifth book that I’ve given a 5 star.

My reasons for doing so:

1. It was perfect. The writing was awesome. It grabbed me from the first few lines.
2. The world building amazed me. I marvel at Ms. Rowling’s imagination. No wonder children and even adults loved this because really this book was enchanted by something.
3. I read this book during a reading slump that’s why it took me long to finish this book, despite that whenever I read a chapter I was instantly drawn into the story. I was spell-bounded in every chapter. Do you know the feeling that you only intend to read a chapter or two but once you started you’ll end up reading four chapters or more? That was exactly what happened to me.
4. I never really get the movie, I mean I’ve seen it a couple of times but by reading the book, every scene made sense; I got to appreciate the movie now.
5. Some of the dialogues were hilarious. It was fun reading them.
6. The story was fast paced, I never got bored.
7. The trio’s (Harry, Ron and Hermione) friendship was goal. Their personalities blended well. I enjoyed their antics very much.
8. Watching the movie before reading the book didn’t ruin the experience for me. It was actually fun recalling some scenes from the movie while reading the book.
9. The third person narration is not my favorite but in this book, it worked for me.
10. Aside from the trio, my other favorites were Hagrid and Dumbledore. Hagrid was such a softhearted giant. I loved the way he cared for Harry plus he had a soft spot for animals (which I can relate to). And I found Dumbledore funny, I don’t know why. I just wish he had more scenes/appearance in this book.

If you haven’t read the book because you think there’s no need to, well think again, there’s a reason why Harry Potter fans are overzealous about this series.

#not a fan of the book cover though

#I think the movie adaptation was good

#Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter was so cute especially when he was young

Beastly - Alex Flinn

I think the very reason that this book worked for me was that, I haven’t read a lot of books about Beauty and the Beast. This book isn’t really exceptional, maybe back 2007 when it was published yes, but now a day I think not. Despite that I still enjoyed this book.


I liked the author’s writing. She was able to evoke emotions from me with her characters. Kyle, the main character really annoyed me. He was “perfect”, arrogant, and thought highly of himself; although behind these he was lonely and had a lot of wrong perceptions in life courtesy of his jerk of a father. As Adrian (Kyle in the beast form), he was able to make me sympathize for him. Being a beast helped him to realize a lot of aspects in life such as real beauty, true friendship, and love. Of course, I’m one of those people who favor Adrian (the beast) more than Kyle (the “perfect”). Duh.


Other scenes were just alright, some I already read from other books before. There were a few characters I liked (Linda, Will, Magda/Kendra) and some characters I hated (whose names I’m not going to mention because obviously I hate them).  


This book showcased that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. What is physical beauty if inside you are considered ugly? Then people around you only socialize with you because of your good looks or because you are beneficial to them. Would you rather have a pretty face and lots of money than have real people around you and love you for whom you are? You will find all these in this book. Cliché right? But still sensible and really worked for me.


Fairy tale lovers, Beauty and the Beast enthusiast, inner beauty advocates, and anyone who just wanted to read a feel good book with a HEA ending (oops), read this!



#”Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the hearts.” Steven Aitchison


#If you haven’t read a lot of books about Beauty and the Beast retelling, well this could be a good start


#the movie’s version of “beast” was different from the beast described in the book



#the book is better than the movie IMO

A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay

My heart is aching.


So before I get emotional here, I just wanted to say that I didn’t expect this book to have such an effect on me. I thought this was just a children’s book. From the title alone, I wound not pick this up, but after watching the movie trailer (by chance), I decided to read it immediately.  


This book grabbed me instantly. From that first sentence (which I loved and reminded me of the opening line of The Night Circus, which I also loved) to the very last line in of this book was wonderful.    


Conor was such a strong boy. He dealt with a lot of things as a young boy (mother, father, grandmother, friends, classmates, and teachers).  It hurts me to witness his mental battle. Every emotion he felt, the hurt, the denial, and the guilt, I felt them too. Patrick Ness wrote Conor’s emotions spot on.


I got so emotionally invested with Conor and the story. There came a point where I hoped for a miracle to happen for his mother, even though at the back of my mind I knew what was coming.  


Another thing that I loved about this book was the Monster’s stories. Stories that were sensible and with lessons. 


That ending was perfect in my opinion, though I really wanted more. The very essence of this book for me, especially that ending, was Conor’s acceptance of the situation.


In life, what Connor experienced in the story is something every one of us would definitely face at some time. So when that happens, we should take a page from Connor’s book and that is “Even though you’re afraid of something, and it’s terrible, and it hurts like hell, remember you’ll get through it. You’ll survive.” (We won’t need to call a monster to make it through :)  


This book was so relatable; I couldn’t imagine a person who wouldn’t be moved by its story. I definitely recommend this to everyone.



# SIOBHAN DOWD (Conception), PATRICK NESS (Author), JIM KAY (Illustrator) 


#This book’s movie adaptation trailer is freaking awesome


#The first time I watched the trailer, I was like “This is awesome. Interesting!”


#The second time I watched the trailer (after reading the book), I was like “Wonderful! Please don’t mess this up”*teary-eyed*


#Liam Neeson’s voice sounds perfect as the monster


#I’m excited for the movie

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

I finally decided to read this book since I’ve been seeing a lot about this series on Tumblr and it bothered me that I haven’t started this. So yeah, because of pressure I guess.

To be honest, after reading this book I felt almost nothing? I don’t really know how I feel about this. For sure Stiefvater’s writing is really good in my opinion. Actually I loved it. It worked for me in this book. But the story? Not so much.

One thing this book made me realized was that, Yes, I don’t read much in this genre but whenever I read one it captures me, every time.

My favorite about this book is the clairvoyance part. Maura, Calla, and Persephone are cool. Their relationship as friends is something I envy and admire.

Blue and the Raven boys (Gansey, Adam, Ronan, Noah) are all “likable”. I hope I would learn to “love” them in the following books of the series. But for now, I don’t have a “favorite character” among the main characters here.

I still enjoyed some parts, like the Raven boys’ friendship, Blue’s sense of style, and did I mention Maura, Calla and Persephone were cool characters? Because yes, they’re really cool. Their friendship, abilities and personalities are awesome.

I’m not implying that this book is not good; it’s just slow and there were still lots of loose ends after reading the whole book. Yes I know this was just the first book in the SERIES, that’s why I’ll definitely read the sequel especially because of that ending.

I recommend this book to those who are into fantasy, paranormal, and mystery.

#maybe, the reasons this book didn’t work for me as much as any other people who happen to love this book so much were because:
1.) Gansey’s “mission” was too complicated; I don’t really get it, and
2.) “If Blue kisses her true love, he’ll die.” was a little bit corny, IMO.

#watching The Raven Boys’ Trailers helped me a lot in understanding the plot of this book better, so I suggest if you are planning on reading this book, watch them too.

The Wrath and the Dawn - Renee Ahdieh


CHARACTERS: 4/5 (Couldn’t relate to any characters but I enjoyed them. IMO, MCs were too young for the plot)

ROMANCE: 4.75/5 (My guilty pleasures in romance books) PLOT: 4/5 (My explanation was down below)

WRITING STYLE: 4.5/5 (The writing works for me. I liked it! ) TITLE & BOOK COVER: 4.5/5 (The title was genius and the cover was unique but not my favorite cover)


When I learned that this book was a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights (aka Arabian Nights) I was like…..”okay???”......Simply because I wasn’t familiar about that book (I know that’s a little embarrassing but that’s the truth). So I did my research and found out that AT&ON was a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories. The infamous stories of Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad were just a few of the stories included in the compilation.


Since The Wrath and the Dawn was a retelling/reimagining of AT&ON, expect that they were not exactly the same (duh). TW&TD was like the YA version of AT&ON but I kind of prefer the latter’s story than the former for 2 reasons:


1. Even though I only read the synopsis of AT&ON, (I think it’s impossible for me to acquire a copy of it now) I think its story was more plausible than TW&TD. I found it hard to believe a 16-year-old girl would sacrifice her life to avenge the deaths of numerous girls, and an 18-year-old boy-king to have such a huge burden, well I know this was fantasy so anything was possible, but I think the story suited characters in older age???(maybe???) That would be more credible in my opinion.


2. I was expecting more of storytelling from the heroine since that was the highlight of AT&ON but found them lacking/inadequate in this book, so I was a little bit disappointed. TW&TD was more on swoony-fluttery-romance.


That being said, TW&TD presented 2 of my guilty pleasures in fantasy romance novels.


1. Enemies turned lovers (well in this book, sort of). Shahrzad’s plan all along was to revenge the murder of her best friend and other girls. But despite her hatred to Khalid, she fell in love with him. She fought her feelings for him but failed to contain it. Khalid was supposed to have Shahrzad killed, but spared her life for some reason and thought she was worth all the sufferings he had to endure. (Oh come on, admit it. That was sweet right? Yes?No? Whatever)


2. A misunderstood hero. As for Khalid, people misunderstood him as a killer, monster, cold blooded, etc but behind all that there was a reason. Sometimes they just have no choice.


All in all, I did enjoy this book. I also liked Despina and Jalal, I wanted to read more about them (The Moth and the Flame wasn’t enough). Kudos to Ms. Ahdieh for a wonderful debut. I’m dying to have The Rose and the Dagger on my hands. Of course a must read for fairy tales and fantasy romance lovers out there.


#this book cured my reading slump, it kept me awake until I could no longer read and passed out


#Khalid’s letter for Shahrzad made me teary


#I stalked Ms. Ahdieh online just to know how to pronounce her last name…I also admire her persistence as a writer


#I also wanted to read A Thousand Nights, another retelling….maybe soon

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me - Mariana Zapata

This was just my 2nd book of Mariana Zapata and I loved it as much as Kulti.


So, this book follows the story of Vanessa, the assistant/house keeper of Aiden, a famous NFO athlete. She wanted to pursue her own dream and staying in her job would not make that happen so she decided to quit. She and Aiden didn’t really have a close relationship. Their relationship were merely boss and assistant, though Aiden wasn’t really a terrible boss, they were not also friends. Aiden almost didn’t talk to her unless necessary but they were able to get through so when Vanessa quit, she was shocked that Aiden showed at her door wanting her to come back. Vanessa was resolute in her decision not to come back but Aiden was a man who was used to get want he wanted then he was asking for something that only Vanessa could help him.      


I was hooked from the first few lines. I didn’t know what was it about Ms. Zapata’s writing that drew me with just the first few lines but she did it again in this book just like in Kulti. Her writing was filled with humor but with a lot of sense that would make you keep on reading and just enjoy the story.  


I loved the two main characters. I could relate to Vanessa with her predicament in her job. Her personality, attitude and determination were inspiring. Her internal dialogs had me cracked up a lot of times. She was just downright lovely.


And of course Aiden; though he was not my type of guy (huge guys aren’t my type coz they intimidate me) he won me over along the story. He annoyed me at first but after I got to know him better I realized that he was actually a wonderful guy and a dedicated athlete. He possessed a lot of admirable personalities and he was such a sweet guy. I could actually see the appeal of falling for a big guy if they’re like Aiden.  


There were 2 (two) reasons why I didn’t give it a perfect rating, 1.) Some scenes were predictable and 2.) I effing accidentally read a spoiler (a very important one, like a plot twist) that ruined the experience for me. I know it wasn’t the book’s fault but I f***ed up.


The epilogue was just one of my favorite scenes among many others, I could only wish for it not to end. I could definitely say that Zapata is one of my favorite adult romance authors at the moment because of her likable/relatable heroines, swoon worthy alpha heroes and wonderful/humorous writing style.    


So if you like sports, sloooooow burn romance, hilarious-awesome-heroine and huge-swoon-worthy-hero, try this book and I’ll bet you’ll like this.


# special mention to Zac, he was such a wonderful guy and friend to Vanessa


#leo the retriever too




#i actually watched The Land Before Time because of this




# I could’ve given this book 4.5 star just like my rating with Kulti despite that spoiler but in the end I settled for 4.25 stars

A Darker Shade of Magic - V.E. Schwab

I’m so happy that (finally) Victoria Schwab or V.E. Schwab is getting the attention with her novels. Because honestly, she deserve it.


I marvel how she’s able to come up with her plots, especially in this book. It was unique, appealing, and creative. Travelling from different Londons= Unique; The magic system in this book= Appealing; The spells in unique language= Creative. Well, the only thing I was worried about her writing was most of the side characters (usually nice people) in her novels ended up dead. Yeah, I know that couldn’t be helped but come on, I was just nervous that whenever I get to have a favorite side character in her novels, he/she would die later in the story.


The first few chapters were a bit slow for me. I wasn’t immediately drawn to the story, I was like “When is Lila going to appear?”, “Why is it taking long for them to meet?”, blah blah blah blah….I was getting impatient.


But the moment Lila appeared, I was into the story. So obviously you already figured that Lila was my fave character, but no offense to Kell, he was also a nice character but I found Lila more interesting. She had me intrigued about her past. So I expected the sequel could give more details about her and of course Kell.


The villains in this story were cruel. They made me cringe at some point. The fight scenes were brutal but very well written.      


Then at first, I didn’t find the cover appealing but after reading the book, I looked to it now with a different perspective. I found the significance of it and I could say that it was really fitting to the story. The title of was genius, well all of Schwab’s novel titles were genius and relevant to the story.  


Overall, I gave it 4 stars because there were still a lot of things to discover and some loose ends to resolve since this was just the first book in the series.  But the ending was satisfying and it left me craving for more.


If you’re into magic, urban fantasy, great and unique world building, romance that is almost nonexistent but the chemistry between the two MCs is undeniable, well, this is for you.


#What I really like about Schwab’s books is that the “romance” is not always the center of the story and I find that refreshing  


#The Archive series is still my fave of Victoria Schwab…just saying:)

The Fill-In Boyfriend - Kasie West

I must admit, the title got me into reading this….well plus that cute book cover.

Honestly, I think the story isn’t that original nowadays. Since a lot of books, even TV series/dramas already had the same plot “pretend boyfriend or girlfriend” thing. But that didn’t stop me being interested in reading this.

Though the synopsis pretty much told what this book was about, I think there’s actually more from it. This book wasn’t really all about the fill-in bf. This book was more about Gia, the heroine, president of the student council, and one of the popular girls at their school. This also showed us how Gia’s character developed. Her relationship with her family, boyfriend, friends and the people around her made her question and realized what kind of person she really was. I wasn’t really a popular student back then but I could totally relate to some of Gia’s situation.

Then her lying from the very beginning was what made her life miserable. I found these quotes applicable in Gia’s predicament in the entire book:

“Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.”

“Lies are temporary solution to a permanent problem.”

“Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable.”

This book also discussed a bit of pros and cons of Social Medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that most teenagers found addicting nowadays.

As for the fill-in boyfriend, Hayden (well if that spoiled you, SORRY MY BAD), at the end of the book I could say that I still didn’t know him well. I only get to know him from Gia’s POV, and I wanted to know more about him.

I liked Hayden’s family. They were open and expressive about their feelings. Bec, Hayden’s sister, and Gia’s classmate in Government, was a fun character too. I found her real and I liked her attitude. Then their mother Olivia was such an interesting mother. She’s such a cool mom and someone you could ask for wonderful insights in life.

But aside from that, I think there were more annoying characters in this book than the characters I found interesting. Both MC’s had so called “friends” that brought me a strong urge to strangle. Yes, they were toxic. They were the kind of friends that you would not regret losing. This made me want to share some quotes about true friendship:

“ It is better to have an ENEMY who honestly says they hate you than to have a FRIEND who’s putting you down SECRETLY.”

“ True Friends look at you with no judgment in their eyes, they know you’ve made mistakes but they accept you for being human and help you right the wrongs. “

“ Being Honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones. “
“ Fake Friends believe in rumors, Real Friends believe in you.”

All in all, I could say that I liked the author’s writing style. I’m definitely looking forward to reading her other books. This book was such an easy and cute contemporary romance read. Just in time to keep my reading streak after reading a high fantasy book. So check this book out!

#My first read of Kasie West and it’s really cool

#I could go on and on with the quotes that fit the story of this book

#Fear is what pushes people to lie

#You don’t need a certain number of friends. You just need a number of friends you can be certain of.

#sorry couldn’t stop myself with the quotes

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

I’ve been meaning to read this book for months. And by the time I decided that it was finally time to read it, I wasn’t really in the mood. I couldn’t understand the world the author was trying to introduce and that felt torture. So after reading the first few paragraphs and not feeling it, I stopped reading for a few days. So it took me 15 days to mark it finished on Goodreads and that caused me to be behind my reading challenge (which doesn’t feel good coz now I have to double time to get back on track).

I didn’t blame the author’s writing for that momentary reading slump, because it was actually me. What’s important was that, I tried reading it again and I ended up liking it, I mean really liked it.

So I will breakdown my review into categories.

THE CHARACTERS. There were tons of side characters in this book and it took me a few pages just to get familiar with each of them.

Meg =Though I couldn’t really relate to Meg as a heroine, I enjoyed witnessing her adventures at the Courtyard. She was one lucky girl because the Others treated her just like one of them. Her innocence was one of the reasons why the Others took a liking to her. But as blood prophet/ Cassandra sangue her life wasn’t easy and that made her an interest to bad people who wanted to control her and make profits from her skill or curse.

Simon = As a leader of the Courtyard, he exuded authority. He could be mean and heartless but of course he was no human. But despite all that, I liked him. Especially later on the story, when he was starting to have compassion with humans. I realized that the Others were not bad at all. They had reasons why they acted and did things humans thought were dreadful. They only act according to their nature.

I enjoyed tons of characters in this book so much, especially the Others (The Wolfgards, Sanguinatis, Elementals, Crowgards, Hawkgards, Owlgards, the Grizzly, Coyote and Tess). They were too much for me in the beginning but my loved for them helped me memorized each of those interesting characters.

THE PLOT. I love unique plots, so this book is a thumb up for me. The slow built up of the story worked for me and the climax was wonderfully laid out. I couldn’t tell what will happen and I loved its unpredictability.

THE WORLD BUILDING. This book has a high level of world building. Its world building was so rich and full. I marveled at how Ms. Bishop was able to construct this kind of world. Everything was well-planned, from the geography, maps of the courtyard, days of the week and pronunciation guide. No wonder why Ms. Bishop was an award winning fantasy writer.

THE ROMANCE. I loved that the romance wasn’t the center of the story and actually it was almost non-existent but the chemistry was there, I could feel it. I just wonder how that could be possible since they were two different creatures. But this is fantasy/fiction so everything could happen.

THE POV. Told in multiple/different POV’s and written in third person in past tense. It actually worked for me. Limiting the POV into one or two wasn’t going to be effective since there were tons of characters involved. Well, other readers might have a problem with that for they might think other POV’s (not the two MC’s POV) were not necessary but the author just gave us glimpses of why they acted the way they acted in the story.

THE WRITING. Though the first few paragraphs were like torture for me (as I said in the beginning of this review) maybe the dialogues being not that many in the beginning added up to that reason but the moment the story kicked in (the very moment Meg walked into Howling Good Reads), I was a goner. Back were those nights that 3-4 hours of sleep were a luxury for me. Yeah, I finished reading this book for two days (reading on break times at work and from the moment I got home until dawn). I liked how the story was presented, slow at first then action packed in the climactic stage.

BOOK COVER /Title connection to the story. I’m not really a fan of the cover. For me, it’s just OK. But the title was badass. I think it suits the story.

Overall, this book is perfect for anyone who is into good world building fantasy novels (young adult/new adult/adult readers). Definitely a must read!

#The wolves are playful being despite of being scary for their reputation

#Just when I thought that The Night Circus got tons of characters, the Others series got tons and tons and tons……

#Glad I finished this

#”Murder of Crows” you’re next soon…but the title suggests a bad omen…oh no!

End of Days - Susan Ee

I didn’t want to read this last installment of the “Penryn and the End of Days” Trilogy. For I didn’t want to say good bye to the characters that I’ve gotten attach and loved for some reason. But lately, I felt that I was starting to lose that attachment and I got worried that I would also lose interest in this series which shouldn’t happen because I really loved this series.


So I decided to get this over with and just deal with it. And I was not disappointed.


I remembered the reasons why I’ve loved these amazing characters back then, though I admit that the first few pages was painful for me. Painful in the sense that the interest in reading it wasn’t there, and I couldn’t connect with the story, but thank god because I didn’t give up and I kept on reading.


I still loved Penryn, though there were a few instances that I wanted to hurt her (yeah, like hit her on the head) for acting immature or childish but of course she was still young so what do I expect. And she’s human and she had flaws so I kind of think that that was just realistic and I reminded myself that she wasn’t a superhero (super heroine?) therefore she would act stupid sometimes, well who doesn’t, everyone of us act stupid sometimes. Then Raffe’s swoon factor was on its highest on this book but of course their forbidden romance was in the way of their happiness. Cliché but still cute.


The side characters like Paige, their mother, Dee & Dum, with the addition of the Fallen (angels) were exciting and gave depth to the story. Obi and Beliel’s stories saddened and elicited pity from me. Then I missed Pokey Bear scenes because I really like her or it? Whatever.


A lot of things happened in this book. But I didn’t feel as if it was rushed and the plot was full of interesting scenes.      


The romance, which was still my favorite, was more intense. The plot was deeper and it kept me guessing of what might happen. Some scenes were vicious and disturbing. The ending for me felt like ended so sudden but surprisingly I felt at peace. Maybe because I finally got to finish the series or maybe because it ended just like that, it made me feel as if there was going to be one more book to come (hopefully).


Anyway, this might be my favorite apocalyptic-angel-human-romance to date.

A must read! duh  


#it really feels good to finish a series


#”Angelfall” was still my favorite among the trilogy though “World After” and “End of Days” were both awesome


#the book covers of the entire trilogy were stunning

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma

There are two main reasons why I didn’t want to read this book in the first place.


Firstly, I’m a Christian, and this kind of romance is against my belief.


Secondly, I have an older brother, in fact I have 3 brothers (1 older and 2 younger), and I don’t want this book to taint my state of mind regarding my relationship with my brothers.


On the contrary, there are also two reasons why I decided to read this book eventually.


Firstly, this kind of romance happens in real life. I wanted to have a glimpse of idea of what could be the reason why this happens.


Secondly, my curiosity got the best of me. 


Suggestion: Do not read this at work or at school or in any public places. Just don’t.




1.       Because there’s an 80-90% probability that you would shed a tear/cry/ugly sob by reading this book; then


2.       People around you would wonder what the hell is wrong with you when you get emotional so they would ask you “Why?” or “Are you okay?” then you would be hesitant to tell them the reason is because “I’m crying because of this book about a brother and a sister who fell in love with each other….blah blah blah”...... and they wouldn’t understand you because they’re not booklovers, and booklovers only understand their own kind, so they might judge you for what you’re reading, so you might not tell them the reason and for that they would think you’re some kind of crazy for not being able to explain them why you’re emotional about this book…..then blah blah blah......


 So to avoid all the hassle, read this book at a place where you are comfortable sobbing with, whether it be your bedroom, study room or at any place as long as you feel at peace and not susceptible by the judging public eye.


I know this because I read this while at work though I didn’t shed a tear or sob or cry, but I was like utter useless for a while and I couldn’t think straight and focus on my work. 


This book also made me furious not for the two main characters but to their parents. I believe that their irresponsible parents had a lot to do why they ended up being in love with each other. I think they were given a responsibility not suitable for just teenagers. They should be enjoying their teenage life not acting like parents who are responsible to their siblings’ every need.  


 I am not justifying that what Lochan and Maya did was okay. No. Actually I sympathize with them for they were victims. What they did was wrong in the eyes of every one (law, society, community and most importantly in the eyes of God.)


 But this book was beautifully written. I marvel at how the author was able to make many people love the two MC despite their forbidden relationship. She made us understand and look at them with fair judgment and not just reproach them for what they did.


 Honestly, I like Lochan for I see myself through him. We have a lot in common. One is I used to be like him, in a way that I wasn’t really friendly with others and I was too shy in class. Recitation was not my favorite. Reporting in front of the class was dreadful for me. But despite all that I was able to overcome that fear or phobia (whatever you call that feeling) during my college days, though I’m still experiencing this feeling until now but what’s important is that I know I could beat this fear with the support from my family, friends and most importantly with God.


 This book taught me things to consider such as:


1.       It taught me to be responsible when I become a parent someday. I should take care of my children.


2.       I should be attentive to consider if there’s something (esp romantically) going on when I have a son and a daughter.


3.       Open communication. Talk to your children and be open-minded. As a parent (if ever), I should be the first person to understand or provide guidance to my children when they are facing any problems (esp romantic relationship) and to not desert them when the troubles are inevitable.


My advice to all siblings (brother and sister) out there:


1.       Do not fantasize romantically any of your siblings, ever.


2.       It is fine to have a close relationship with your sibling/s but a romantic relationship is a recipe of doom.


3.       Learn to draw the line. Set limitations to the closeness with your sibling/s.

This book left me in disarray. I couldn’t finish this review because there were a lot of things that I wanted to say about this book (well obviously it’s done because you’re reading it now, but it took me weeks to finally post this). I couldn’t write another book review. I was way behind my own goal in writing book reviews. This book destroyed me and my recovery was so slow. But time healed me and I’m starting to get back on track slowly.


This book is beautiful, taboo, tragic and with no happy ending so be warned. But I’m evil enough to recommend this book to all of you readers out there. Try this!


#my heart aches for them


#dang! my dark/taboo reads were so few I could count them with my fingers (on one hand)


#now I’m curious about taboo books out there


#do you know some books that have dark or taboo topics? Feel free to suggest.


#A shout-out to Lainey of gingerreads. She was the reason I discovered this book.


Offside - Shay Savage


Hey 3.5 star rating is not that bad.


“ 3.5 star” in my rating means “IT’S GOOD/ I ENJOYED IT”


The very reason why I decided to read this book was because I really enjoyed “Kulti” by Mariana Zapata. It’s a book about soccer and I love how the author wrote it.  Sadly, I didn’t love this as much as “Kulti”. Despite that, I still enjoyed this book. So I’m going to breakdown the things that I liked and didn’t like much from this book.


I like:


It’s a male POV. It’s very seldom for me to encounter a book with a male narrator by a female author. I mean, of course I read some but an entire book with a male narrator from a female author? Not much.


  • It’s a sport/soccer story. I haven’t read much about this sort of story.
  • The male character has a soft heart. I mean, he easily forgives his father/s (yeah I’m not going to explain because I don’t want to spoil). He has positive traits in him despite some (bad) circumstances. He’s not really that bad deep inside.
  • Greg Skye (Nicole’s father). I like his personality. I found him to be a “cool dad”.
  • I like how it ends in every chapter with questions and references from famous people/poets/writers.
  • The ending. I think the ending is cute.



  • His abusive father and almost everything about him and what he did.
  • The opening scene.
  • I’m getting sick of reading rich/bad boy/play boy/man whore character suddenly turning into a one woman guy. Maybe it’s just me but that’s how I feel about this.
  • The flirt group of girls who let guys treats them like sluts because they act like one.
  • A bit too much of drama for my liking.  


Well, I enjoyed this one, really, but there’s something about it (maybe the “dramas”) that bothers me. I read positive and great reviews regarding this book and its author, so I would definitely read another book from this author.  


If you are into books with sports, romance and drama this book is for you.


 #Nice book cover by the way


#I really like the quotes though I must admit I don’t know much about Shakespeare…sorry



#One of the advantages of reading books about sports is that I’m learning a lot about soccer in a fun way

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern

OHHMYYYGOOOSSSHHHH!!!!!******with teary eyes******

I can’t explain how I’m feeling right now. I don’t know….guh

I must admit, this book is not my usual type in books. I’ve never been to a circus nor interested in going to one. But now after reading this I’m considering doing so. This book changed my perspective about circuses and the people/performers behind circuses and now I appreciate their hard work, devotions and passion on their chosen craft (which before, for me, was strange).

This is the kind of book that is meant to be devoured. You need a high level of imagination and patience to fully appreciate its awesomeness bits by bits. However, I would understand that some people might not realize how awesome this fantastic masterpiece is. I would not recommend this book to those who are not fond of slow paced stories. Oh hell, this book was like building up its climax up to the very last few pages. Yup. They might find this boring for it didn’t have a lot of dialogues and its lots of narrative.

Now the details:

THE TITLE & BOOK COVER. I loved the title and I learned to love the cover as well. I wasn’t a fan of the cover at first but I couldn’t imagine a better cover for it to match the brilliance of this book. I think the cover suits the story for it successfully brings out the vibe and atmosphere of the circus elegantly.

THE CHARACTERS. There were tons of characters involved in this book. At first, I got a problem with that, but they all played significant roles to the story though it took me a few pages to get familiar with some of them (because memorizing names are one of my weaknesses) but in the end I pretty much knew and very much familiar with each of the characters in this book. My favorite characters were Celia and Marco (of course) then Widget, Poppet and Bailey. Well, Tsukiko, Thiessen, Isobel, Padva, the Burgess Sisters and Ethan were also likeable.

THE PLOT. The story of this book was new to me. I haven’t read anything like it, so for me it was unique. I wasn’t interested (I admit) at first, but the hype for this book got me curious and I must say I got dazzled, spell bounded, charmed (and all the other synonyms of these words) on this book and I didn’t regret reading it. This book is now one of my favorite books. This book successfully occupied a space in my book loving heart.

THE ROMANCE. The love story wasn’t the focal point of this book and that made me loved this book even more. I felt the chemistry between Celia and Marco’s scenes together even though they were only few. Those few scenes where they expressed their love and heartaches were enough for me and I love each of those scenes very much.

THE WRITING STYLE, FORMAT, & AUTHOR. This book’s format was not common to me, for one: books with timelines are one of my weaknesses because I’m always having a hard time keeping up with the dates, then this book narrates the past and the current events until they overlap, which I understand that some readers won’t appreciate much. Then: its frequent shift in perspective confused me a few times in the beginning but once I got the hang of it, only then I got the better understanding of the story. So now that I finished this book, I know that rereading it would make me understand this book better. It gave me chills whenever it refers to me as a spectator of the circus but I love that it makes me involved and let me experienced how it was like to be in the circus. I haven’t experienced that often in other books.

Also, I found out (thanks google) that this book was an entry in NaNoWriMo and Ms. Morgenstern was 32 when this book got sold and that inspired me to write my own NaNoWriMo entry for it is my dream to be able to write at least one novel before I die (yeah seriously), though realizing how excellent “The Night Circus” is and that gave me an impression how high caliber the entries in NaNoWriMo are, that somewhat discouraged me because I don’t think I would be able to write this kind of story (like that’s impossible!).

I deliberately read this slowly when there were only a few pages left because I didn’t want it to end. Then the story ended in the way that made me wish for more because I needed more from Marco and Celia. But eventually I learned to accept it and realized that that was just the perfect ending for this fantabulous book.

A must read but be patient please.

#This book inspired me but somewhat discouraged me as well

#I have the itch to send an email to Bailey at

#I wish I could visit Le Cirque des Rêves (even in my dreams)


Kulti - Mariana Zapata

How about that? Huh. Nice synopsis right?

I first saw this from another blogger’s book recommendation being one of the favorites of 2015. So I got curious.

My first impression based from the title was: Kulti…What’s that?….”Cult?”…horror…suspense???
So I read the synopsis, and then learned that it was about soccer. I’ve never read anything like it so I gave it a try.

And I don’t regret it.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

Let’s get to the details.

The Characters/Character Development. I really like Sal. I could relate to her in many ways. She’s such a wonderful character. She’s strong, determined, competitive, bubbly, and a lot more. I like her perspective in life. Sal is special to me because (I think, as far as I could remember) she’s the first heroine I’d ever read who is an athlete. Then came Reiner “Rey” Kulti. At first I didn’t really get him. He was mysterious and annoying but later on he grew on me. I swoon for him, gee athletes could easily make me fall for them, with their confidence, manliness, strength, body to lust for…okay I need to stop..really, really need to stop before this list goes too far from being modest. I also loved Sal’s family, especially her dad because he was so cool, supportive and hilarious as well, then Marc, Coach Gardner, Jenny, and Harlow were cool characters too.

The Plot. Sal and I have something in common, that is back on my teenage years most of my crushes were athletes, professional athletes, that means I only got to see them on tv but for me I’m in love with them and I usually daydream that one day I get to meet one of them and then he would fall in love with me and we would end up together, happily ever after. Yeah. This was the main reason why I decided to read this book, because I could really relate to the main character.

The Romance. It was a surreal romance, for Sal and Kulti were out of league plus their age difference but despite all of that I don’t mind. From non-existent to coach-player relationship to almost enemies to best friends then lovers, the slow built of their romance is abso-freaking-lutely beautiful, thus my favorite about this book.

The Book Cover. At first look it was “okay” with me but after reading the book it grew on me. Though not my favorite cover but still it’s neat and classy.

The POV/Voice/Perspective. Written in Sal’s POV (first person past tense), her narration was hilarious most of the time. I really had fun reading her perspective. I didn’t find her annoying and she had me cracked up a lot of times. I usually agree with her. She has a wonderful personality and I love her character so much.

The Writing. It got me from the very first line, I was wishing for more pages than it had, which was rare because I usually get intimated by books with many pages (400+ pages books were long for me), but this book was an exception because I don’t want to finish reading it. I liked how Ms. Zapata opens each chapter. Though the mentioning of a few words such as the color of Kulti’s eyes, “Big Girl Socks”, and “German”, a lot of times bothered me a bit, but other than that everything’s okay with me.

The ending was perfect but I can’t help to wish for more. I’m happy for them but I want more of Sal and Kulti!!! ***Sigh***

Sports lovers, romance suckers, daydreamers, or whatever, READ THIS!

#Haha I’m re-reading this book right after finishing it and it still makes me crack up

#Those steamy scenes about 10% before the ending made me jgksgkfkhkshdthgkshkhgfhsk

#Really I’m blushing … *wink*

Gone (Wake Trilogy Series #3) - Lisa McMann

The synopsis says it all. All the things that you are going to find out in this last installment are pretty much summed up to that statement.


The whole experience of reading this book for me was so depressing. I now understand why other reviews/reviewers suggested that if you happen to read “Fade” and love that book, and if you wanted to keep good memories of the Dream Catcher series, you should stop and not continue reading/finishing this series. But if you wanted the closure just like my very purpose in deciding to read this despite of the warnings from other reviewers, go on and read “Gone”.


I admired the author’s courage in writing this book. Everything was very realistic for me. It was so depressing that while reading it I was wishing for some miracle to happen because I got invested with the main characters, I felt protective and I don’t want them to get hurt.


In this final book, Janie is facing a lot of pressure from being a dream catcher and from living her normal life with her alcoholic mother. Thank goodness for Cabel being supportive to her. I understand Janie’s confusion on what to do and her depression for her future. She was presented with two choices but both choices were neither ideal nor beneficial. She was helpless but still she tried to do what she thought would be a good thing to do despite the circumstances. It sucks to be her and I sympathized with her in her ordeal. In the end, she made a decent decision in my opinion, though I couldn’t agree 100% to some, but what’s important was that she tried to live, enjoy and appreciate the moment and just let the future tell what to become of her.   


All in all my whole experience was a great one. This series is something that would leave its mark into my heart for it is one of a kind and wonderful.


#I could never give this book a rating lower than four for maybe a bias reason


#Gee that cover! I love it tho’ it’s haunting


#Sad but realistic


#Carpe Diem

Fade - Lisa McMann

This sequel is so much better than the first book.



Fade is the second book in the Dream Catcher series by Lisa Mcmann. It follows the story of Janie Hannagan, a dream catcher. In this book, she pretty much knows her condition and she’s trying to make her ability useful by using it to help others with the help of a few people who also knows something about her ability.



Still written in third person present tense, I am now used to the format of this book. Also, Janie’s more confident than her character on the previous book. She’s independent and stands on her own decision. And my favorite thing about her is she types quickly (ninety words a minute and uses all of her fingers), I envy that. Then Cabel, a smart and romantic guy. He’s tortured physically and emotionally so he has stupid decisions sometimes (stupid IMO but I understand his reasons).  



The romance is on the next level. I had fun time reading how their relationship unfolds. I wish I could have my own Cabel, a supportive and protective boyfriend***swoon***. Janie and Cabel find solace whenever they’re together because somehow they are the same (like family issues, job, etc) but conflict and fear of experiencing pain physically/mentally/emotionally would be a big issue on their blossoming relationship. 



I enjoyed this book more than the first. This book made me smile, worried and bothered from a particular sensitive issue that has a huge part in this sequel (I won’t discuss it any further because I’m trying my best to give a spoiler free review). The ending gave a hint on what to expect on the last installment of this series. To be honest, I’m a little bit scared, worried and anxious to read it but I’m curious.  “Fade” is a wonderful read and a perfect sequel for the series. Short and fast paced. So far, I’m loving this series.


#Again the cover is stunning I love it so much


#Plus the title is significant and relevant 



#I love Captain Komisky’s character



#I worry too much for “Gone”


#I could feel it, and it’s depressing